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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-01Authorship, Impersonation, and the Republic: Outing Ali le magnifiquePratt, M
2002-01Average Stray Aliens': An Average Australian Conversation on EurocentrismAllatson, P; Lu, Y; Mikula, MH; Pratt, M; Le Nevez, AT
2005-01'The Dance of the Visible and the Invisible': AIDS and the Bande DessinéePratt, M; Forsdick, EC; Grove, L; McQuillan, L
2002-01The diary of Neaud's body: approaching the subject of HeterocentricityPratt, M; Lucille Cairns
2007-01Dramatizing The Self And The Brother: Auto/biography In David Bs overcoming The Utmost EvilPratt, M
2004-01Entanglement and the Modern Australian Rhythm Method: Lantana's Lessons in Policing Sexuality and GenderPratt, M; Elder, C; Duncanson, K
2004-01Félix and the Light-hearted Gay Road Movie: Genre, Families, Fathers and the Decolonization of the Homosexual SelfPratt, M
2011-01French Unity and the European Union: The Role of the RegionsGiovanangeli, A; McCormack, J; Pratt, M; Rolls, A
2003-01From Incident to Text: Autobiography and Homosexuality in Barthes's Late Writings: Vol IIIPratt, M; Gane, M; Gane, N
2003-01Going out to the Straight Community: Televisual and Heteronormative Logics in representations Of HomosexualityPratt, M; Scriven; Roberts, M; Emily
2005-01Imagining Union: European Cultural Identity in the Pre-Federal Future PerfectPratt, M
2004-01Intrusion, or Where to from Queer?Pratt, M
2007-01On Being Optimistically European: Modelling Creolisation, Cosmopolitanism and CommunityPratt, M
2002-01Post-Queer and beyond the pact: Contextualising French Responses to the Civil Solidarity PactPratt, M; Chedgzoy, K; Francis, E; Pratt, M
2004-01Transgressive Bodies in the work of Julie Doucet, Fabrice Neaud and Jean-Christophe Menu: Towards a theory of the 'autobioBD'Pratt, M; Miller, A
2007-01Unhomely EuropesEleftheriotis, D; Pratt, M; Vanni Accarigi, I