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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-01Bioengineering as an effective and ecofriendly soil slope stabilization method: A reviewPunetha, P; Samanta, M; Sarkar, S
2018-03-20Effect of roughness on interface shear behavior of sand with steel and concrete surfaceSamanta, M; Punetha, P; Sharma, M
2020-03-01Evaluation of additional confinement for three-dimensional geoinclusions under general stress statePunetha, P; Nimbalkar, S; Khabbaz, H
2019-05-01Evaluation of the dynamic response of geosynthetic interfacesPunetha, P; Samanta, M; Mohanty, P
2019-03-01Experimental investigation and modeling of pullout response of soil nails in cohesionless mediumSharma, M; Samanta, M; Punetha, P
2021-04-09Finite Element Modeling of the Dynamic Response of Critical Zones in a Ballasted Railway TrackPunetha, P; Maharjan, K; Nimbalkar, S
2022-03-24Geotechnical rheological modeling of ballasted railway tracks considering the effect of principal stress rotationPunetha, P; Nimbalkar, S
2018-03-01Influence of surface texture on sand-steel interface strength responseSamanta, M; Punetha, P; Sharma, M
2022-01-01Mathematical Modeling of the Short-Term Performance of Railway Track Under Train-Induced LoadingPunetha, P; Nimbalkar, S
2020-12-01Modelling of Shear Behaviour of Interfaces Involving Smooth Geomembrane and Nonwoven Geotextile Under Static and Dynamic Loading ConditionsPunetha, P; Samanta, M
2021-01-01Performance Improvement of Ballasted Railway Tracks for High-Speed Rail OperationsPunetha, P; Nimbalkar, S
2020Performance Improvement of Ballasted Railway Tracks Using Geocells: Present State of the ArtNimbalkar, S; Punetha, P; Kaewunruen, S
2022-08Performance improvement of ballasted railway tracks using three-dimensional cellular geoinclusionsPunetha, P; Nimbalkar, S
2019-03-08Piles subjected to torsional cyclic load: Numerical analysisNimbalkar, SS; Punetha, P; Basack, S; Mirzababaei, M
2021-01-01Prediction of Extra Confinement Offered by Cellular Inclusion Under Three-Dimensional Stress StatePunetha, P; Nimbalkar, S
2021-10-01Simplified geotechnical rheological model for simulating viscoelasto-plastic response of ballasted railway substructurePunetha, P; Nimbalkar, S; Khabbaz, H