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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-20A chinese herbal formula ameliorates COPD by inhibiting the inflammatory response via downregulation of p65, JNK, and p38Li, J; Xie, Y; Zhao, P; Qin, Y; Oliver, BG; Tian, Y; Li, S; Wang, M; Liu, X
2023-04-01A Multistage Framework for Autonomous Robotic Mapping with Targeted Metrics †Smith, W; Qin, Y; Singh, S; Burke, H; Furukawa, T; Dissanayake, G
2016-01-01Automatic bearing fault diagnosis using particle swarm clustering and Hidden Markov ModelYuwono, M; Qin, Y; Zhou, J; Guo, Y; Celler, BG; Su, SW
2023-11-10Autonomous Robotic Map Refinement for Targeted Resolution and Local AccuracySmith, W; Qin, Y; Furukawa, T; Dissanayake, G
2023-07-15Carbon distribution and multi-criteria decision analysis of flexible waste biomass smouldering processing technologies.Chen, Y; Lin, S; Qin, Y; Surawski, NC; Huang, X
2006-01Ci Builder: A system prototype for building confidence intervals for differnces of groupsZhang, S; Wu, X; Qin, Y; Zhang, J; Zhu, X; Eliassi-Rad, T; Ungar, L; Craven, M; Gunopulos, D
2006-01-01Clustering-based missing value imputation for data preprocessingZhang, C; Qin, Y; Zhu, X; Zhang, J; Zhang, S
2018-02-01Collaborative location recommendation by integrating multi-dimensional contextual informationYao, L; Sheng, QZ; Wang, X; Zhang, WE; Qin, Y
2010-10-01Combining κNN imputation and bootstrap calibrated empirical likelihood for incomplete data analysisQin, Y; Zhang, S; Zhang, C
2021-12-01Comparative study on square and rectangular UHPFRC-Filled steel tubular (CFST) columns under axial compressionYang, Y; Wu, C; Liu, Z; Qin, Y; Wang, W
2018-05-01Cost optimization for deadline-aware scheduling of big-data processing jobs on cloudsZheng, W; Qin, Y; Bugingo, E; Zhang, D; Chen, J
2006-01-01Difference detection between two contrast setsHuang, HJ; Qin, Y; Zhu, X; Zhang, J; Zhang, S
2013-01-01A discrete event simulation based production line optimization through Markov decision processFeng, Y; Fan, W; Qin, Y
2020-01-01EEG-Based Emotion Classification Using Spiking Neural NetworksLuo, Y; Fu, Q; Xie, J; Qin, Y; Wu, G; Liu, J; Jiang, F; Cao, Y; Ding, X
2008-01Empirical likelihood confidence intervals for differences between two datasets with missing dataQin, Y; Zhang, S
2009-01-01Estimating confidence intervals for structural differences between contrast groups with missing dataQin, Y; Zhang, S; Zhu, X; Zhang, J; Zhang, C
2018Fog computing for sustainable smart cities: A surveyPerera, C; Qin, Y; Estrella, JC; Reiff-Marganiec, S; Vasilakos, AV
2018-07-02Free Ammonia-Based Pretreatment Promotes Short-Chain Fatty Acid Production from Waste Activated SludgeZhang, C; Qin, Y; Xu, Q; Liu, X; Liu, Y; Ni, BJ; Yang, Q; Wang, D; Li, X; Wang, Q
2007-01-01GBKII: An imputation method for missing valuesZhang, C; Zhu, X; Zhang, J; Qin, Y; Zhang, S
2021-09-25Hierarchically porous MXene decorated carbon coated LiFePO<inf>4</inf> as cathode material for high-performance lithium-ion batteriesZhang, H; Li, J; Luo, L; Zhao, J; He, J; Zhao, X; Liu, H; Qin, Y; Wang, F; Song, J