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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A Group Intervention for Individuals With Obesity and Comorbid Binge Eating Disorder: Results From a Feasibility Study.Eik-Nes, TT; Vrabel, K; Raman, J; Clark, MR; Berg, KH
2018-04-16Breaking bad habits by improving executive function in individuals with obesityAllom, V; Mullan, B; Smith, E; Hay, P; Raman, J
2013-01-01The clinical obesity maintenance model: an integration of psychological constructs including mood, emotional regulation, disordered overeating, habitual cluster behaviours, health literacy and cognitive function.Raman, J; Smith, E; Hay, P
2021Cognitive remediation-enabled cognitive behaviour therapy for obesity: a case series.Gilbert, M; Raman, J; Sui, Z
2017-07-03Confirmatory factor analysis and examination of the psychometric properties of the eating beliefs questionnaire.Burton, AL; Hay, P; Kleitman, S; Smith, E; Raman, J; Swinbourne, J; Touyz, SW; Abbott, MJ
2014-11-04Manualised Cognitive Remediation Therapy for adult obesity: Study protocol for a randomised controlled trialRaman, J; Hay, P; Smith, E
2019-11-01Patient motivations and expectations prior to bariatric surgery: A qualitative systematic reviewCohn, I; Raman, J; Sui, Z
2021-10-19Perceived barriers and facilitators to healthy eating and physical activity in endoscopic bariatric patients: a qualitative study.Chandra, SS; Calvert, F; Sui, Z; Sartoretto, A; Raman, J
2018-04-01A randomised controlled trial of manualized cognitive remediation therapy in adult obesityRaman, J; Hay, P; Tchanturia, K; Smith, E
-Relaxation and related therapies for people with multiple sclerosis (MS): A systematic reviewKneebone, II; Van Zanden, BE; Dorstyn, DS; Roberts, RM; Lord, SR; Querstret, D; Theadom, A; Kennedy, DS; Raman, J; Nair, RD
2020-10-17The clinical obesity maintenance model: a structural equation model.Spirou, D; Smith, E; Wood, K; Raman, J