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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-02-25Improving adherence and clinical outcomes in self-guided internet treatment for anxiety and depression: A 12-month follow-up of a randomised controlled trialTitov, N; Dear, BF; Johnston, L; McEvoy, PM; Wootton, B; Terides, MD; Gandy, M; Fogliati, V; Kayrouz, R; Rapee, RM
2013-07-03Improving Adherence and Clinical Outcomes in Self-Guided Internet Treatment for Anxiety and Depression: Randomised Controlled TrialTitov, N; Dear, BF; Johnston, L; Lorian, C; Zou, J; Wootton, B; Spence, J; McEvoy, PM; Rapee, RM
2017-05-01Maintenance of social anxiety in stuttering: A cognitive-behavioral modelIverach, L; Rapee, RM; Wong, QJJ; Lowe, R
2021-08Measuring state pre-event and post-event rumination in Social Anxiety Disorder: Psychometric properties of the Socially Anxious Rumination Questionnaire (SARQ).Donohue, HE; Rapee, RM; Modini, M; Norton, AR; Abbott, MJ
2016-09Prevalence of anxiety disorders among children who stutterIverach, L; Jones, M; McLellan, LF; Lyneham, HJ; Menzies, RG; Onslow, M; Rapee, RM
2020-12Psychometric properties of the Intolerance of Uncertainty Scale-12 in generalized anxiety disorder: Assessment of factor structure, measurement properties and clinical utility.Wilson, EJ; Stapinski, L; Dueber, DM; Rapee, RM; Burton, AL; Abbott, MJ
2022-12Psychometric properties of the state Probability and Consequences Questionnaire for social anxiety disorder.Shnier, NL; Burton, AL; Rapee, RM; Modini, M; Abbott, MJ