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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-01Developing a new approach for design support of subsurface constructed wetland using machine learning algorithms.Nguyen, XC; Nguyen, TTH; Le, QV; Le, PC; Srivastav, AL; Pham, QB; Nguyen, PM; La, DD; Rene, ER; Ngo, HH; Chang, SW; Nguyen, DD
2020-10-01Facile fabrication of graphene@Fe-Ti binary oxide nanocomposite from ilmenite ore: An effective photocatalyst for dye degradation under visible light irradiationTruong, NT; Thi, HPN; Ninh, HD; Phung, XT; Van Tran, C; Nguyen, TT; Pham, TD; Dang, TD; Chang, SW; Rene, ER; Ngo, HH; Nguyen, DD; La, DD
2021-12Green technologies for sustainable environment: an introduction.Rene, ER; Bui, XT; Ngo, HH; Nghiem, LD; Guo, W
2022-03New insights in biodegradation of organic pollutants.Rene, ER; Kennes, C; Nghiem, LD; Varjani, S
2022-01Non-submerged attached growth process for domestic wastewater treatment: Influence of media types and internal recirculation ratios.Dang, B-T; Nguyen, T-T; Bui, X-T; Hao Ngo, H; Andrew Lin, K-Y; Tomoaki, I; Saunders, T; Huynh, T-N; Ngoc-Dan Cao, T; Visvanathan, C; Varjani, S; Rene, ER
2023-04-15Perspective on the strategies and challenges in hydrogen production from food and food processing wastesShanmugam, S; Mathimani, T; Rajendran, K; Sekar, M; Rene, ER; Chi, NTL; Ngo, HH; Pugazhendhi, A
2019-05-01Thermophilic anaerobic digestion of model organic wastes: Evaluation of biomethane production and multiple kinetic models analysisNguyen, DD; Jeon, BH; Jeung, JH; Rene, ER; Banu, JR; Ravindran, B; Vu, CM; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Chang, SW