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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-11-2455th AAG Conference: ‘The Future of Ageing Well: Inspire, Motivate, Innovate’Biloria, NM; Robertson, H; Nicholas, N
2023-04-11Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Technology: Keys to SuccessCarter, DJ; Byrne, MK; Djordjevic, S; Robertson, H; Labbate, M; Morgan, B; Billington, L
2017-04-01Digital landscapes of health and disabilityRobertson, H; Nicholas, N
2021-12-15Geographical Access to Child and Family Healthcare Services and Hospitals for Africa-Born Migrants and Refugees in NSW, Australia; A Spatial Study.Njue, C; Nicholas, N; Robertson, H; Dawson, A
2014-01-01Globalising Health Informatics: The Role of GIScienceRobertson, H; Nicholas, N; Georgiou, A; Johnson, J; Travaglia, J
2018-01-01Health informatics as a spatial science: reflecting on technological and systemic changeRobertson, H; Debono, D; Nicholas, N; Hinchcliff, R; Travaglia, J
2020-04-16Living with diabetes and disadvantage: A qualitative, geographical case study.Power, T; Kelly, R; Usher, K; East, L; Travaglia, J; Robertson, H; Balintongog, A; Jackson, D
2022-07-22Maintaining a social license to operate for wastewater-based monitoring: The case of managing infectious disease and the COVID-19 pandemicCooper, B; Donner, E; Crase, L; Robertson, H; Carter, D; Short, M; Drigo, B; Leder, K; Roiko, A; Fielding, K
2014-01-01Materiality, health informatics and the limits of knowledge productionRobertson, H; Nicholas, N; Rosenfeld, T; Travaglia, JF
2023-12-06One Health Determinants of Escherichia coli Antimicrobial Resistance in Humans in the Community: An Umbrella Review.Smit, CCH; Lambert, M; Rogers, K; Djordjevic, SP; Van Oijen, AM; Keighley, C; Taxis, K; Robertson, H; Pont, LG
2020-03-24Options to enhance the veracity of Australian health service accreditation assessments.Hinchcliff, R; Debono, D; Carter, D; Glennie, M; Robertson, H; Travaglia, J
2019-11-07Organisational communication as trespass: a patient safety perspectiveDebono, D; Robertson, H; Travaglia, J
2022-02-22Palliative Care as a Necropolitical TechnologyRobertson, H; Travaglia, J
2023-05Personal Data for Public Benefit: The Regulatory Determinants of Social Licence for Technologically Enhanced Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance.Carter, DJ; Byrne, MK; Djordjevic, SP; Robertson, H; Labbate, M; Morgan, BS; Billington, L
2018-07-01Predictors of basic self-care and intermediate self-care functional disabilities among older adults in GhanaAmegbor, PM; Kuuire, VZ; Robertson, H; Kuffuor, OA
2020-08-01Prevalence of intellectual disability in New South Wales, Australia: a multi-year cross-sectional dataset by Local Government Area (LGA)Carnemolla, P; Srasuebkul, P; Robertson, H; Trollor, J; Nicholas, N
2016-05-01Problematizing the practice of policyTravaglia, J; Robertson, H; Davidson, PM; Daly, J
2023-04-12Public Support for Next-Generation Antimicrobial Resistance SurveillanceCarter, DJ; Byrne, MK; Djordjevic, S; Robertson, H; Labbate, M; Morgan, B; Billington, L
2023-08-31Real-World Data about Commonly Used Antibiotics in Long-Term Care Homes in Australia from 2016 to 2019.Smit, CCH; Rogers, K; Robertson, H; Taxis, K; Pont, LG
2018Rising multimorbidity in our ageing worldRobertson, H; Nicholas, N