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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-03-01Biological processes dominate seasonality of remotely sensed canopy greenness in an Amazon evergreen forestWu, J; Kobayashi, H; Stark, SC; Meng, R; Guan, K; Tran, NN; Gao, S; Yang, W; Restrepo-Coupe, N; Miura, T; Oliviera, RC; Rogers, A; Dye, DG; Nelson, BW; Serbin, SP; Huete, AR; Saleska, SR
2008-05-01Costs, benefits and the evolution of inducible defences: A case study with Daphnia pulexHammill, E; Rogers, A; Beckerman, AP
2018-05-16Expanding and Deepening the Terrain: Numeracy as social practiceJackson, K; Rogers, A; Yasukawa, K; Yasukawa, K; Rogers, A; Jackson, K; Street, BV
2018-04-16‘Limits of the local’ in theorising numeracy as social practice: a case study of mathematics education in PalestineAlshwaikh, J; Yasukawa, K; Yasukawa, K; Rogers, A; Jackson, K; Street, BV
2018-05-16Mapping the terrain of social practice perspectives of numeracyYasukawa, K; Jackson, K; Kane, P; Coben, D; Yasukawa, K; Rogers, A; Jackson, K; Street, BV
2015-05-28Optimal stomatal behaviour around the worldLin, YS; Medlyn, BE; Duursma, RA; Prentice, IC; Wang, H; Baig, S; Eamus, D; De Dios, VR; Mitchell, P; Ellsworth, DS; De Beeck, MO; Wallin, G; Uddling, J; Tarvainen, L; Linderson, ML; Cernusak, LA; Nippert, JB; Ocheltree, TW; Tissue, DT; Martin-StPaul, NK; Rogers, A; Warren, JM; De Angelis, P; Hikosaka, K; Han, Q; Onoda, Y; Gimeno, TE; Barton, CVM; Bennie, J; Bonal, D; Bosc, A; Löw, M; Macinins-Ng, C; Rey, A; Rowland, L; Setterfield, SA; Tausz-Posch, S; Zaragoza-Castells, J; Broadmeadow, MSJ; Drake, JE; Freeman, M; Ghannoum, O; Hutley, LB; Kelly, JW; Kikuzawa, K; Kolari, P; Koyama, K; Limousin, JM; Meir, P; Da Costa, ACL; Mikkelsen, TN; Salinas, N; Sun, W; Wingate, L
2018-08-01Process evaluation of a randomised controlled trial of a pharmacological strategy to improve hypertension control: Protocol for a qualitative studySalam, A; Webster, R; Patel, A; Godamunne, P; Pathmeswaran, A; De Silva, HA; Rogers, A; Jan, S; Laba, TL
2016-01-01Rhythms of Life, AntarcticaLe Hunte, AA; Rogers, A
2016-04Risks associated with permanent discontinuation of blood pressure-lowering medications in patients with type 2 diabetes.Hirakawa, Y; Arima, H; Webster, R; Zoungas, S; Li, Q; Harrap, S; Lisheng, L; Hamet, P; Mancia, G; Poulter, N; Neal, B; Williams, B; Rogers, A; Woodward, M; Chalmers, J
2018-05-16The workplace as a site for learning critical numeracy practiceYasukawa, K; Yasukawa, K; Rogers, A; Jackson, K; Street, BV