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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-02-22Are National Cancer Control Indicators for patient experiences being met in regional and remote Australia? A cross-sectional study of cancer survivors who travelled for treatmentDunn, J; Goodwin, B; Aitken, JF; March, S; Crawford-Williams, F; Ireland, M; Ralph, N; Zajdlewicz, L; Rowe, A; Chambers, SK
2021-07Cancer-related help-seeking in cancer survivors living in regional and remote Australia.Goodwin, BC; Chambers, S; Aitken, J; Ralph, N; March, S; Ireland, M; Rowe, A; Crawford-Williams, F; Zajdlewicz, L; Dunn, J
2021-09-17Developing university learners' enterprise capabilities through entrepreneurial work-integrated learningSmith, J; Russell, L; Bliemel, M; Donnet, T; Elkington, R; Larkin, I; Ferns, S; Rowe, A; Zegwaard, K
2018-05-16Geographical variations in the clinical management of colorectal cancer in Australia: A systematic reviewCrawford-Williams, F; March, S; Ireland, MJ; Rowe, A; Goodwin, B; Hyde, MK; Chambers, SK; Aitken, JF; Dunn, J
2011-03-01Kavalactones yangonin and methysticin induce apoptosis in human hepatocytes (HepG2) in vitroTang, J; Dunlop, RA; Rowe, A; Rodgers, KJ; Ramzan, I
2012-11-01L-DOPA is incorporated into brain proteins of patients treated for Parkinson's disease, inducing toxicity in human neuroblastoma cells in vitroChan, SW; Dunlop, RA; Rowe, A; Double, KL; Rodgers, KJ
2017-06-22Networked pixels: Strategies for building visual and auditory images with distributed independent devicesFerguson, S; Rowe, A; Bown, O; Birtles, L; Bennewith, C
2017-05-15Sound Design for a System of 1000 Distributed Independent Audio-Visual DevicesFerguson, SJ; Rowe, A; Bown, O; Birtles, L; Bennewith, C; Erkut, C
2023Th2 high and mast cell gene signatures are associated with corticosteroid sensitivity in COPD.Faiz, A; Pavlidis, S; Kuo, C-H; Rowe, A; Hiemstra, PS; Timens, W; Berg, M; Wisman, M; Guo, Y-K; Djukanović, R; Sterk, P; Meyer, KB; Nawijn, MC; Adcock, I; Chung, KF; van den Berge, M