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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-04-25Access to Early Warning for Climate Change-Related Hazards in Informal Settlements of Accra, GhanaAdams, I; Ghosh, S; Runeson, G
2022-05-01Access to Early Warning for Climate Change-Related Hazards in Informal Settlements of Accra, GhanaAdams, I; Ghosh, S; Runeson, G
2011-01Action Research into Online PublishingRuneson, G; Best, R; Langston, C
2012-01An analysis of construction productivity in MalaysiaChoy, CF; Skitmore, M; Runeson, G; Bridge, A
2005-01Analysis of Discontinuous housing pricesGe, J; Runeson, G; Leung, AY; Ahmed, SM; Ahmed, I; Pantouvakis, JP; Azhar, S; Zheng, J
2010-01An assessment of construction labour productivity in MalaysiaChia, F; Skitmore, M; Runeson, G; Bridge, A; Barrett, P; Amaratunga, D; Haigh, R; Keraminiyage, K; Pathirage, C
2022-03-16Associations between Community Parks and Social Interactions in Master-Planned Estates in Sydney, AustraliaYang, C; Shi, S; Runeson, G
2003-01Australian Construction: Directions, Causes and TrendsHiggins, DM; Runeson, G; Chang, X; Gajendran, T; Runeson, G; Gajendran, T; Chen, S
2015-04-17Background to purchasing power parity indicesRuneson, G
2018-04-13Barriers to adoption of sustainable technologies for energy-efficient building upgrade-Semi-structured interviewsDadzie, J; Runeson, G; Ding, G; Bondinuba, FK
2007-12-01A basix tool for environmental assessment of residential buildings - An australian approachDing, GKC; Runeson, G
2006-08-01Bidding models: Testing the stationarity assumptionSkitmore, M; Runeson, G
2003-01A Causal Model of Residential Housing Prices in Hong KongGe, J; Runeson, G; Lam, K; Wang, Y; Li, L
2008-01Clinical Outcomes and Subjective Valuations for Remodelled Green Health Care FacilitiesNg, KW; Prasad, D; Runeson, G; Foliente, G; Paevere, P
2006-01Comparative Analysis of the Thermal Performance of Three Test BuildingsHeathcote, KA; Runeson, G; Best, R
2010-12-01Competitor analysis in construction biddingOo, BL; Drew, DS; Runeson, G
2012-01A conceptual approach to studying the organisational culture of construction projectsGajendran, T; Brewer, G; Dainty, A; Runeson, G
2006-01Construction Price Formation: Full cost Pricing or Neo-Classical Microeconomic TheorySkitmore, M; Runeson, G; Chang, X
2022-03-01Critical Factors Affecting Contractors’ Decision to Bid: A Global PerspectiveOo, BL; Lim, THB; Runeson, G
2015-01-01A critique of the methodology of building economics: trust the theoriesRuneson, G; de Valence, G