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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1989Accounting for misclassification in the cause of death test for carcinogenicityArcher, LE; Ryan, LM
Jan-1991Adjusting for age-related competing mortality in long-term cancer clinical trialsCheuvart, B; Ryan, LM
Jan-1997Adjuvant chemotherapy for localised resectable soft-tissue sarcoma of adults: meta-analysis of individual dataRyan, LM
Jan-2002Alcohol dehydrogenase 2 genotypes, maternal alcohol use, and infant outcomeStoler, JM; Ryan, LM; Holmes, LB
Jan-1995Alkaline-Phosphatase - Placental And Tissue-Nonspecific Isoenzymes Hydrolyze Phosphoethanolamine, Inorganic Pyrophosphate, And Pyridoxal 5'-Phosphate - Substrate Accumulation In Carriers Of Hypophosphatasia Corrects During PregnancyWhyte, M; Landt, M; Mulivor, R; Henthorn, P; Fedde, K; Mahuren, J; Coburn, S; Ryan, LM
Jan-2004Analysis of clustered and interval censored data from a community-based study in asthmaBellamy, SL; Yi, L; Ryan, LM; Lipsitz, S; Canner, MJ; Wright, R
Jan-1995Analysis of competing risks survival data when some failure types are missingGoetghebeur, E; Ryan, LM
Jan-2000Analysis of dichotomous outcome data for community intervention studiesBellamy, SL; Gibberd, R; Hancock, L; Howley, P; Kennedy, B; Klar, N; Lipsitz, S; Ryan, LM
Jan-1989The analysis of multiple correlated binary outcomes: Application to rodent teratology experimentsLefkopoulou, M; Moore, D; Ryan, LM
Jan-2011Analysis Of Multiple-cycle Data From Couples Undergoing In Vitro Fertilization Methodologic Issues And Statistical ApproachesMissmer, S; Pearson, K; Ryan, LM; Meeker, J; Cramer, D; Hauser, R
Jan-2006Analysis of repeated pregnancy outcomesLouis, GB; Dukic, V; Heagerty, PJ; Louis, TA; Lynch, CD; Ryan, LM; Schisterman, EF; Trumble, A
Jan-2000Anticonvulsant teratogenesis 4: Inter-rater agreement in assessing minor physical features related to anticonvulsant therapyCarlin, JB; Ryan, LM; Harvey, EA; Holmes, LB
Jan-1994Anticonvulsant teratogenesis: 2. Statistical methods for multiple birth outcomesLegler, JM; Ryan, LM; Harvey, EA; Holmes, LB
Jan-2003Arsenic methylation and skin cancer risk in Southwestern TaiwanChen, Y; Guo, YL; Su, HJ; Hsueh, Y; Smith, TJ; Ryan, LM; Lee, M; Chaor, S; Lee, JY; Christiani, DC
Jan-2007Arsenic Methylation, Gstt1, Gstm1, Gstp1 Polymorphisms, And Skin LesionsMccarty, K; Chen, Y; Quamruzzaman, Q; Rahman, M; Mahiuddin, G; Hsueh, Y; Su, L; Smith, T; Ryan, LM; Christiani, D
Jan-1989Assessing normality in random effects modelsLange, N; Ryan, LM
Jan-2001Association of DDT with spontaneous abortion: A case-control studyKorrick, SA; Chen, C; Damokosh, AI; Ni, J; Liu, X; Cho, S; Altshul, L; Xu, X; Ryan, LM
Jan-2006Associations of cord blood fatty acids with lymphocyte proliferation, IL-13, and IFN-gammaGold, DR; Willwerth, BM; Tantisira, KG; Finn, PW; Schaub, B; Perkins, DL; Tzianabos, A; Ly, NP; Schroeter, C; Gibbons, F; Campos, H; Oken, E; Gillman, MW; Palmer, LJ; Ryan, LM; Weiss, ST
Jan-2002Autocorrelation in real-time continuous monitoring of microenvironmentsHouseman, EA; Ryan, LM; Levy, JI; Spengler, JD
Jan-2003A Bayesian compartmental model for the evaluation of 1,3-butadiene metabolismMezzetti, M; Ibrahim, JG; Bois, FY; Ryan, LM; Ngo, L; Smith, TJ