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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-12-01A hierarchical meta-analysis for settings involving multiple outcomes across multiple cohortsAkkaya Hocagil, T; Ryan, LM; Cook, RJ; Jacobson, SW; Richardson, GA; Day, NL; Coles, CD; Carmichael Olson, H; Jacobson, JL
2020-07-25A Longitudinal Analysis of the Executive Functions in High-Level Soccer Players.Beavan, A; Chin, V; Ryan, LM; Spielmann, J; Mayer, J; Skorski, S; Meyer, T; Fransen, J
2002-12-01Alcohol dehydrogenase 2 genotypes, maternal alcohol use, and infant outcomeStoler, JM; Ryan, LM; Holmes, LB
1995-04Alkaline phosphatase: placental and tissue-nonspecific isoenzymes hydrolyze phosphoethanolamine, inorganic pyrophosphate, and pyridoxal 5'-phosphate. Substrate accumulation in carriers of hypophosphatasia corrects during pregnancy.Whyte, MP; Landt, M; Ryan, LM; Mulivor, RA; Henthorn, PS; Fedde, KN; Mahuren, JD; Coburn, SP
2004-12-15Analysis of clustered and interval censored data from a community-based study in asthmaBellamy, SL; Li, Y; Ryan, LM; Lipsitz, S; Canner, MJ; Wright, R
2020-03-01Analysis of grouped data using conjugate generalized linear mixed modelsLee, JYL; Green, PJ; Ryan, LM
2011-07-01Analysis of multiple-cycle data from couples undergoing in vitro fertilization: Methodologic issues and statistical approachesMissmer, SA; Pearson, KR; Ryan, LM; Meeker, JD; Cramer, DW; Hauser, R
2006-04-01Analysis of repeated pregnancy outcomesLouis, GB; Dukic, V; Heagerty, PJ; Louis, TA; Lynch, CD; Ryan, LM; Schisterman, EF; Trumble, A; Klebanoff, M; Liu, A; Yu, K; Collins, J; Olsen, G
2000-12-18Anticonvulsant teratogenesis 4: Inter-rater agreement in assessing minor physical features related to anticonvulsant therapyCarlin, JB; Ryan, LM; Harvey, EA; Holmes, LB
1994-01-01Anticonvulsant teratogenesis: 2. Statistical methods for multiple birth outcomesLegler, JM; Ryan, LM; Harvey, EA; Holmes, LB
2003-03-01Arsenic methylation and skin cancer risk in Southwestern TaiwanChen, YC; Guo, YLL; Su, HJJ; Hsueh, YM; Smith, TJ; Ryan, LM; Lee, MS; Chao, SC; Lee, JYY; Christiani, DC
2006-04-01Associations of cord blood fatty acids with lymphocyte proliferation, IL-13, and IFN-γGold, DR; Willwerth, BM; Tantisira, KG; Finn, PW; Schaub, B; Perkins, DL; Tzianabos, A; Ly, NP; Schroeter, C; Gibbons, F; Campos, H; Oken, E; Gillman, MW; Palmer, LJ; Ryan, LM; Weiss, ST
2003-08-01A Bayesian compartmental model for the evaluation of 1,3-butadiene metabolismMezzetti, M; Ibrahim, JG; Bois, FY; Ryan, LM; Ngo, L; Smith, TJ
2003-09-01A Bayesian hierarchical model for risk assessment of methylmercuryCoull, BA; Mezzetti, M; Ryan, LM
2006-03-01Bayesian model averaging with applications to benchmark dose estimation for arsenic in drinking waterMorales, KH; Ibrahim, JG; Chen, CJ; Ryan, LM
2023-09-01Bayesian modelling of effects of prenatal alcohol exposure on child cognition based on data from multiple cohortsDang, KD; Ryan, LM; Akkaya Hocagil, T; Cook, RJ; Richardson, GA; Day, NL; Coles, CD; Carmichael Olson, H; Jacobson, SW; Jacobson, JL
2023Bayesian outcome selection modeling.Dang, K-D; Ryan, LM; Cook, RJ; Akkaya Hocagil, T; Jacobson, SW; Jacobson, JL
2005-08-01Benchmark dose estimation based on epidemiologic cohort dataMorales, KH; Ryan, LM
2003-04-01Bone resorption is affected by follicular phase length in female rotating shift workersLohstroh, PN; Chen, J; Ba, J; Ryan, LM; Xu, X; Overstreet, JW; Lasley, BL
2016-12-01Bringing coals to NewcastleRyan, LM; Wand, MP; Malecki, AA