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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-12A learning automata based edge resource allocation approach for IoT-enabled smart citiesSahoo, S; Sahoo, KS; Sahoo, B; Gandomi, AH
2023-11-01A stacking classifiers model for detecting heart irregularities and predicting Cardiovascular DiseaseMohapatra, S; Maneesha, S; Mohanty, S; Patra, PK; Bhoi, SK; Sahoo, KS; Gandomi, AH
2022-05-01A Systematic Review on Osmotic ComputingNeha, B; Panda, SK; Sahu, PK; Sahoo, KS; Gandomi, AH
2021-01-05An Auction based Edge Resource Allocation Mechanism for IoT-enabled Smart CitiesSahoo, S; Sahoo, KS; Sahoo, B; Gandomi, AH
2018-12-01An early detection of low rate DDoS attack to SDN based data center networks using information distance metricsSahoo, KS; Puthal, D; Tiwary, M; Rodrigues, JJPC; Sahoo, B; Dash, R
2020-07-01ESMLB: Efficient Switch Migration-Based Load Balancing for Multicontroller SDN in IoTSahoo, KS; Puthal, D; Tiwary, M; Usman, M; Sahoo, B; Wen, Z; Sahoo, BPS; Ranjan, R
2022-02-01Feature-extraction and analysis based on spatial distribution of amino acids for SARS-CoV-2 Protein sequences.Rout, RK; Hassan, SS; Sheikh, S; Umer, S; Sahoo, KS; Gandomi, AH
2020Improving End-Users Utility in Software-Defined Wide Area Network SystemsSahoo, KS; Tiwary, M; Mishra, P; Reddy, SRS; Balusamy, B; Gandomi, AH
2018-08-10Introducing Network Multi-Tenancy for Cloud-Based Enterprise Resource Planning: An IoT ApplicationTiwary, M; Kumar, S; Agrawal, PK; Puthal, D; Rodrigues, JJPC; Sahoo, KS; Sahoo, B
2017-01-01Metaheuristic solutions for solving controller placement problem in SDN-based WAN architectureSahoo, KS; Sarkar, A; Mishra, SK; Sahoo, B; Puthal, D; Obaidat, MS; Sadun, B
2022-02-01Model updating using causal information: a case study in coupled slabTiwary, K; Patro, SK; Gandomi, AH; Sahoo, KS
2018-11-01On the placement of controllers in software-Defined-WAN using meta-heuristic approachSahoo, KS; Puthal, D; Obaidat, MS; Sarkar, A; Mishra, SK; Sahoo, B
2018-09-01Response time optimization for cloudlets in Mobile Edge ComputingTiwary, M; Puthal, D; Sahoo, KS; Sahoo, B; Yang, LT
2020-12-01SDCF: A Software-Defined Cyber Foraging Framework for Cloudlet EnvironmentNithya, S; Sangeetha, M; Prethi, KNA; Sahoo, KS; Panda, SK; Gandomi, AH
2020-07-01Swarm Intelligence Based Feature Selection for Intrusion and Detection System in Cloud InfrastructureRavindranath, V; Ramasamy, S; Somula, R; Sahoo, KS; Gandomi, AH