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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-11-01A meta-learning approach of optimisation for spatial prediction of landslidesPradhan, B; Sameen, MI; Al-Najjar, HAH; Sheng, D; Alamri, AM; Park, HJ
2016A refined classification approach by integrating Landsat Operational Land Imager (OLI) and RADARSAT-2 imagery for land-use and land-cover mapping in a tropical areaSameen, MI; Nahhas, FH; Buraihi, FH; Pradhan, B; Shariff, ARBM
2020-03-01Application of convolutional neural networks featuring Bayesian optimization for landslide susceptibility assessmentSameen, MI; Pradhan, B; Lee, S
2019-01-01Applications of deep learning in severity prediction of traffic accidentsSameen, MI; Pradhan, B; Shafri, HZM; Hamid, HB
2016Assessment of the effects of expressway geometric design features on the frequency of accident crash rates using high-resolution laser scanning data and GISSameen, MI; Pradhan, B
2018-01-01Classification of very high resolution aerial photos using spectral-spatial convolutional neural networksSameen, MI; Pradhan, B; Aziz, OS
2018-01-01Deep Learning Approach for Building Detection Using LiDAR-Orthophoto FusionNahhas, FH; Shafri, HZM; Sameen, MI; Pradhan, B; Mansor, S
2017-05-19Drone-based land-cover mapping using a fuzzy unordered rule induction algorithm integrated into object-based image analysisKalantar, B; Mansor, SB; Sameen, MI; Pradhan, B; Shafri, HZM
2017-05-04Effects of the spatial resolution of digital elevation models and their products on landslide susceptibility mappingPradhan, B; Sameen, MI
2017-05-04Ensemble disagreement active learning for spatial prediction of shallow landslidePradhan, B; Sameen, MI; Kalantar, B
2018-04-01Improving the accuracy of landslide susceptibility model using a novel region-partitioning approachHong, H; Pradhan, B; Sameen, MI; Kalantar, B; Zhu, A; Chen, W
2017-05-01Integration of Ant Colony Optimization and Object-Based Analysis for LiDAR Data ClassificationSameen, MI; Pradhan, B; Shafri, HZM; Mezaal, MR; Hamid, HB
2019-01-01Land use and land cover mapping using rule-based classification in Karbala City, IraqAhmed, AA; Kalantar, B; Pradhan, B; Mansor, S; Sameen, MI
2020-01-01Landslide Detection Using a Saliency Feature Enhancement Technique from LiDAR-Derived DEM and OrthophotosPradhan, B; Al-Najjar, HAH; Sameen, MI; Mezaal, MR; Alamri, AM
2019Landslide Detection Using Residual Networks and the Fusion of Spectral and Topographic InformationSameen, MI; Pradhan, B
2020-01-01Landslide spatial modelling using unsupervised factor optimisation and regularised greedy forestsSameen, MI; Sarkar, R; Pradhan, B; Drukpa, D; Alamri, AM; Park, HJ
2021-08-02Landslide susceptibility modeling: An integrated novel method based on machine learning feature transformationAl-Najjar, HAH; Pradhan, B; Kalantar, B; Sameen, MI; Santosh, M; Alamri, A
2017-05-04Landslide susceptibility modeling: Optimization and factor effect analysisPradhan, B; Sameen, MI
2019-04-02Laser Scanning Systems in Highway and Safety Assessment Analysis of Highway Geometry and Safety Using LiDARPradhan, B; Sameen, MI
2017-05-04Laser scanning systems in landslide studiesPradhan, B; Sameen, MI