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2020Financial toxicity of childhood cancer and changes to parents’ employment after treatment completionKelada, L; Wakefield, CE; Vetsch, J; Schofield, D; Sansom-Daly, UM; Hetherington, K; O’Brien, T; Cohn, RJ; Anazodo, A; Viney, R; Zeppel, MJB
2022-01-01Navigating the scientist-practitioner continuum: strategies to enhance Australian psychologists’ capacity to be research leadersBulsara, SM; Sansom-Daly, UM; Begley, K; Forsythe, L; Livermore, N; Riashi, M
2021-05-18Online, Group-Based Psychological Support for Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Survivors: Results from the Recapture Life Randomized TrialSansom-Daly, UM; Wakefield, CE; Ellis, SJ; McGill, BC; Donoghoe, MW; Butow, P; Bryant, RA; Sawyer, SM; Patterson, P; Anazodo, A; Plaster, M; Thompson, K; Holland, L; Osborn, M; Maguire, F; O'Dwyer, C; De Abreu Lourenco, R; Cohn, RJ; The Recapture Life Working Party,
2021-10-20Patterns and Predictors of Healthcare Use among Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Survivors versus a Community Comparison Group.Sansom-Daly, UM; Wakefield, CE; Signorelli, C; Donoghoe, MW; Anazodo, A; Sawyer, SM; Osborn, M; Viney, R; Daniell, N; Faasse, K; Cohn, RJ
2022-04Social Anxiety Symptoms in Survivors of Childhood and Adolescent Cancer.Schilstra, CE; Fardell, JE; Ellis, SJ; Jones, KM; Anazodo, AC; Trahair, TN; Lah, S; Cohn, RJ; Wakefield, CE; Sansom-Daly, UM
2021-12To be mortal is human: professional consensus around the need for more psychology in palliative care.Sansom-Daly, UM; Lobb, EA; Evans, HE; Breen, LJ; Ugalde, A; Best, M; Zomerdijk, N; Beasley, EA; Taylor, KL; Clayton, J; Sharpe, L; Bartula, I; Olver, I; PoCoG End of Life Care Special Interest Group,