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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-11-01Australian Opportunities in a Circular Economy for Metals: Findings of the Wealth from Waste ClusterDominish, E; Florin, N; Giurco, D; Corder, G; Golev, A; Lane, R; Rhamdhani, A; Reck, B; Graedel, T; Sharpe, S; Edwards, M; Benn, S; Brooks, G
2015Business models for a circular world: the case of metalsFlorin, N; Sharpe, S; Wright, S; Giurco, D; Ludwig, C; Matasci, C; Edelmann, X
2013-01-01The economic, social and environmental implications of population growth in Australian citiesPaddon, M; Partridge, E; Sharpe, S; Moore, D; Herriman, E; Ross, K
2021-06-14Effective Regulations? Environmental Impact Assessment in the Textile and Garment Sector in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Viet NamSharpe, S; Retamal, M
2019Forced innovation: Business preparedness and recovery after extreme weather eventsSharpe, S; Delaney, C; Cunningham, R
2021-06-07Greener Clothes? Environmental Initiatives and Tools in the Garment Sector in AsiaSharpe, S; Berry, F
2018-02-27Greening Regional Cities: The Role of Government in Sustainability TransitionsWright, S; Giurco, D; Sharpe, S; Filho, WL; Rogers, J; Iyer-Raniga, U
2019Industrial Transformation in response to climate change | NSW Viticulture SectorSharpe, S; Cunningham, R; Delaney, C
2019-06Industrial Transformation in response to climate change: NSW Alpine Tourism SectorSharpe, S; Delaney, C; Cunningham, R
2008-12-01Intellectual assets and knowledge vitality in urban regions: The role of universitiesMartinez-Fernandez, C; Sharpe, S
2015Mineral-Water-Energy Nexus: Implications of Localized Production and Consumption for Industrial EcologyMcLellan, B; Giurco, D; Corder, G; Golev, A; Kishita, Y; Sharpe, S
2021-10-01Opportunities for a Just Transition to environmental sustainability and COVID-19 recovery in the textile and garment sector in AsiaSharpe, S; KALLIO, K; Veem, K; Martinez-Fernandez, M-C
2021-04-22Reducing the footprint? How to assess carbon emissions in the garment sector in AsiaDominish, E; Sharpe, S
2018-04-05"Slowing" and "narrowing" the flow of metals for consumer goods: Evaluating opportunities and barriersDominish, E; Retamal, M; Sharpe, S; Lane, R; Rhamdhani, MA; Corder, G; Giurco, D; Florin, N
2014-01-22Smart Work Centres: An Analysis of Demand in Western SydneyWILMOT, K; BOYLE, T; Rickwood, P; Sharpe, S
2014-06-01Strengthening industrial ecology's links with business studies: Insights and potential contributions from the innovation and business models literatureSharpe, S; Agarwal, R
2011-12-01Venture capitalists as knowledge intensive service activity providersSharpe, S
2018-05-04Witnessing Anti-White ‘Racism’: White Victimhood and ‘Reverse Racism’ in AustraliaNelson, JK; Hynes, M; Sharpe, S; Paradies, Y; Dunn, K