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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06-01A governance perspective on electricity industry development: The case of Papua New GuineaSandu S; Yang M; Shi X; Chi Y
2020-03-01Allocation of coal de-capacity quota among provinces in China: A bi-level multi-objective combinatorial optimization approachWang D; Liu Y; Wang Y; Shi X; Song X
2020-07-01Convergence and distribution dynamics of energy consumption among China's householdsShi X; Yu J; Cheong TS
2020-06-01Dynamics of Australia's LNG export performance: A modified constant market shares analysisLiu Y; Shi X; Laurenceson J
2020-03-01Economic integration in southeast Asia: The case of the ASEAN power gridShi X; Yao L
2020-10-01Editorial: Energy Market and Energy Transition: Dynamics and ProspectsShi X; Ji Q; Zhang D; Taghizadeh-Hesary F; Han P
2020-12-01Extending production-theoretical decomposition analysis to environmentally sensitive growth: Case study of Belt and Road Initiative countriesZhao Z; Shi X; Zhao L; Zhang J
2020-11-01Has Chinese outward foreign direct investment in energy enhanced China's energy security?Zhao Y; Shi X; Song F
2020-02-01Intertemporal lifestyle changes and carbon emissions: Evidence from a China household surveyZhang H; Shi X; Wang K; Xue J; Song L; Sun Y
2020-04-01Market reforms and determinants of import natural gas prices in ChinaWang T; Zhang D; Ji Q; Shi X
2020Perspectives of energy transitions in East and Southeast AsiaLi B; Nian V; Shi X; Li H; Boey A
2020-10Prioritizing driving factors of household carbon emissions: An application of the LASSO model with survey dataShi X; Wang K; Cheong TS; Zhang H
2020-07-01Quantification of fresh water consumption and scarcity footprints of hydrogen from water electrolysis: A methodology frameworkShi X; Liao X; Li Y
2020-05-01Regional renewable energy development in China: A multidimensional assessmentWang Y; Zhang D; Ji Q; Shi X
2020-02-15Subsidies, loans, and companies' performance: evidence from China's photovoltaic industryXu L; Zhang Q; Wang K; Shi X
2019-03-01Sufficient or insufficient: Assessment of the intended nationally determined contributions (INDCs) of the world's major greenhouse gas emittersGao G; Chen M; Wang J; Yang K; Xian Y; Shi X; Wang K
2020-02-01Technology gap, global value chain and carbon intensity: Evidence from global manufacturing industriesYe C; Ye Q; Shi X; Sun Y
2020-09-01The effect of technology spillover on CO₂ emissions embodied in China-Australia tradeHuang R; Chen G; Lv G; Malik A; Shi X; Xie X
2019Will the Chinese economy be more volatile in the future? Insights from urban household survey dataYu J; Shi X; Laurenceson J