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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-03A survey of speech pathologists' opinions about the prospective acceptability of an online implementation platform for aphasia services.Trebilcock, M; Shrubsole, K; Worrall, L; Ryan, B
2018-09-01The Acute Aphasia IMplementation Study (AAIMS): a pilot cluster randomized controlled trialShrubsole, K; Worrall, L; Power, E; O'Connor, DA
2023-03-09An updated systematic review of stroke clinical practice guidelines to inform aphasia management.Burton, B; Isaacs, M; Brogan, E; Shrubsole, K; Kilkenny, MF; Power, E; Godecke, E; Cadilhac, DA; Copland, D; Wallace, SJ
2023-01-01Aphasia outcome measurement in clinical practice: An international surveyTyler, C; Finch, E; Shrubsole, K; Ryan, B; Soroli, E; Martinez-Ferreiro, S; Wallace, SJ
2019-06-19Barriers and facilitators to meeting aphasia guideline recommendations: what factors influence speech pathologists’ practice?Shrubsole, K; Worrall, L; Power, E; O’Connor, DA
2019-08-03Closing the evidence-practice gaps in aphasia management: are we there yet? Where has a decade of implementation research taken us? A review and guide for cliniciansShrubsole, K; Worrall, L; Power, E
2022-11-23Communication partner training with familiar partners of people with aphasia: A systematic review and synthesis of barriers and facilitators to implementation.Shrubsole, K; Power, E; Hallé, M-C
2020-01-02Current practice and barriers and facilitators to outcome measurement in aphasia rehabilitation: a cross-sectional study using the theoretical domains frameworkArnold, H; Wallace, SJ; Ryan, B; Finch, E; Shrubsole, K
2022-08Development of an online implementation intervention for aphasia clinicians to increase the intensity and comprehensiveness of their service.Trebilcock, M; Shrubsole, K; Worrall, L; Ryan, B
2018-06-03Factors that influence Australian speech-language pathologists’ self-reported uptake of aphasia rehabilitation recommendations from clinical practice guidelinesYoung, L; Shrubsole, K; Worrall, L; Power, E
-How do speech pathologists use the Australian Aphasia Rehabilitation Pathway to inform practice? A qualitative studyTrebilcock, M; Power, E; Rose, ML; Shrubsole, K
2019-07-03A how-to guide to aphasia services: celebrating Professor Linda Worrall’s contribution to the fieldWallace, SJ; Baker, C; Brandenburg, C; Bryant, L; Le Dorze, G; Power, E; Pritchard, M; Rose, ML; Rose, T; Ryan, B; Shrubsole, K; Simmons-Mackie, N; Togher, L; Trebilcock, M
2018-07-26Implementing a tailored behaviour change intervention to improve speech pathologists’ aphasia practices: results of a pilot cluster randomised controlled trialShrubsole, K; Worrall, L; Power, E; O’Connor, DA
2019-05-04Implementing aphasia recommendations in the acute setting: speech-language pathologists’ perspectives of a behaviour change interventionHickey, J; Shrubsole, K; Worrall, PL; Power, E
2019-07-03Increasing the intensity and comprehensiveness of aphasia services: identification of key factors influencing implementation across six countriesTrebilcock, M; Worrall, L; Ryan, B; Shrubsole, K; Jagoe, C; Simmons-Mackie, N; Bright, F; Cruice, M; Pritchard, M; Le Dorze, G
2020-01-02Making aphasia implementation stick: ensuring the sustainability of implementationPower, E; Bryant, L; Shrubsole, K
2018-07-01Priorities for Closing the Evidence-Practice Gaps in Poststroke Aphasia Rehabilitation: A Scoping ReviewShrubsole, K; Worrall, L; Power, E; O'Connor, DA
2017-01-02Recommendations for post-stroke aphasia rehabilitation: an updated systematic review and evaluation of clinical practice guidelinesShrubsole, K; Worrall, L; Power, E; O’Connor, DA
2021-01-01Speech language pathologists' practice with children of parents with an acquired communication disability: A preliminary studyShrubsole, K; Pitt, R; Till, K; Finch, E; Ryan, B
2022-01-01Sustaining acute speech-language therapists' implementation of recommended aphasia practices: A mixed methods follow-up evaluation of a cluster RCT.Shrubsole, K; Rogers, K; Power, E