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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-12-01An adaptation architecture to improve user-perceived QoS of multimedia services for enterprise remote desktop protocolsLubonski, M; Gay, V; Simmonds, A
2022'An Inexplicable Flaw': Women's Campaign for the Jury Franchise in New South Wales, circa 1900-1950Russell, P; Simmonds, A
2005-12-01A conceptual architecture for adaptation in remote desktop systems driven by the user perception of multimediaLubonski, M; Gay, V; Simmonds, A
2010-12-01Construction of an environmentally sustainable development on a modified coastal sand mined and landfill site-Part 2. Re-establishing the natural ecosystems on the reconstructed beach dunesClements, AM; Simmonds, A; Hazelton, P; Inwood, C; Woolcock, C; Markovina, AL; O'Sullivan, P
2023-11-07Courting An Intimate History of Love and the LawSimmonds, A
2019-01-02Courtship, Coverture and Marital Cruelty: Historicising Intimate Violence in the Civil CourtsSimmonds, A
2014-01-01Friendship, Imperial Violence and the Law of Nations: The Case of Late-Eighteenth Century British OceaniaSimmonds, A
2008-09-22Fuzzy logic based modelling and analysis of network trafficRahman, A; Kennedy, P; Simmonds, A; Edwards, J
2005-09-01Geo-LPM: An efficient scheme for locating nodes in the InternetLe, H; Hoang, D; Simmonds, A
2017-07-04Intimate jurisdictions: Reflections upon the relationship between sentiment, law and empireSimmonds, A
2016-10Offshore: behind the wire on Manus and NauruSimmonds, A
2005-12-01An optimised geographically-aware overlay networkLe, H; Hoang, D; Simmonds, A
2022-10-02Parallel lives: Iain McCalman crafts an intimate history of Delia Akeley, a monkey and twentieth-century imperialismSimmonds, A
2006-11-22PARM: A Physically-Aware Reference Model for Overlay InternetworkingLe, H; Hoang, D; Simmonds, A
2005-01-01PIPPON: A physical infrastructure-aware peer-to-peer overlay networkHoang, DB; Le, H; Simmonds, A
2005-09-12A self-organising model for topology-aware overlay formationLe, H; Hoang, D; Simmonds, A
2019-01-01Sex Smells: Olfaction, Modernity and the Regulation of Women's Bodies 1880–1940 (Or How Women Came to Fear Their Own Smells)Simmonds, A
-Sex Smells: Olfaction, Modernity and the Regulation of Women's Bodies 1880–1940 (Or How Women Came to Fear Their Own Smells)Simmonds, A
2019Sex Smells: Olfaction, modernity and the regulation of women’s bodies 1880-1940 (or: how women came to fear their own smells)Simmonds, A
2017-05-04‘She Felt Strongly the Injury to Her Affections’: Breach of Promise of Marriage and the Medicalization of Heartbreak in Early Twentieth-Century AustraliaSimmonds, A