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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2010Analysing conversationMatthiessen, CMIM; Slade, D
1-Jul-2018Benefits of health care communication training for nurses conducting bedside handovers: An Australian hospital case studySlade, D; Pun, J; Murray, KA; Eggins, S
1-Jan-2013Clinical handover as an interactive event: Informational and interactional communication strategies in effective shift-change handoversEggins, S; Slade, D
1-Jan-2015Communicating in hospital emergency departmentsSlade, D; Manidis, M; McGregor, J; Scheeres, H; Chandler, E; Stein-Parbury, J; Dunston, R; Herke, M; Matthiessen, CMIM
1-Jan-2015Communication in Hong Kong accident and emergency departments: The clinicians’ perspectivesChandler, E; Slade, D; Pun, J; Lock, G; Matthiessen, CMIM; Espindola, E; Ng, C
1-Nov-2017Complexities of emergency communication: clinicians’ perceptions of communication challenges in a trilingual emergency departmentPun, JKH; Chan, EA; Murray, KA; Slade, D; Matthiessen, CMIM
1-Jan-2016Contrasting discourse styles and barriers to patient participation in bedside nursing handoversEggins, S; Slade, D
1-Jan-2015Effective healthcare worker-patient communication in Hong Kong accident and emergency departmentsSlade, D; Chandler, E; Pun, J; Lam, M; Matthiessen, CMIM; Williams, G; Espindola, E; Veloso, FOD; Tsui, KL; Tang, SYH; Tang, KS
1-Aug-2008Emergency communication: The discursive challenges facing emergency clinicians and patients in hospital emergency departmentsSlade, D; Scheeres, H; Manidis, M; Iedema, R; Dunston, R; Stein-Parbury, J; Matthiessen, C; Herke, M; McGregor, J
1-Apr-2018Exploring the scope of communication content of mechanically ventilated patientsLeung, CCH; Pun, J; Lock, G; Slade, D; Gomersall, CD; Wong, WT; Joynt, GM
1-Jul-2018Health professional-patient communication practices in East Asia: An integrative review of an emerging field of research and practice in Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Mainland ChinaPun, JKH; Chan, EA; Wang, S; Slade, D
1-Jan-2014The international charter for human values in healthcare: An interprofessional global collaboration to enhance values and communication in healthcareRider, EA; Kurtz, S; Slade, D; Longmaid, HE; Ho, MJ; Pun, JKH; Eggins, S; Branch, WT
1-Jan-2019Nurses’ perceptions of mandatory bedside clinical handovers: An Australian hospital studySlade, D; Murray, KA; Pun, JKH; Eggins, S
1-Jan-2015Patient-centred discourse in sexual and reproductive health consultationsde Silva Joyce, H; Slade, D; Bateson, D; Scheeres, H; McGregor, J; Weisberg, E
1-Jan-2016Patterns of interaction in doctor-patient communication and their impact on health outcomesSlade, D; Matthiessen, CMIM; Lock, G; Pun, J; Lam, M
1-Aug-2019Pre- and post evaluations of the effects of the Connect, Ask, Respond and Empathise (CARE) protocol on nursing handover: A case study of a bilingual hospital in Hong KongPun, J; Chan, EA; Man, M; Eggins, S; Slade, D
1-Aug-2017Speak-up culture in an intensive care unit in Hong Kong: A cross-sectional survey exploring the communication openness perceptions of Chinese doctors and nursesNg, GWY; Pun, JKH; So, EHK; Chiu, WWH; Leung, ASH; Stone, YH; Lam, CL; Lai, SPW; Leung, RPW; Luk, HW; Leung, AKH; Au Yeung, KW; Lai, KY; Slade, D; Chan, EA