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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-12-01A History of Popular Culture in Japan: From the Seventeenth Century to the PresentSlade, T
2018-01-01Age of Alcohol Initiation and Progression to Binge Drinking in Adolescence: A Prospective Cohort StudyAiken, A; Clare, PJ; Wadolowski, M; Hutchinson, D; Najman, JM; Slade, T; Bruno, R; McBride, N; Kypri, K; Mattick, RP
2022-09Anachronistic Masculinity: Samurai Armour and the Dandyism of the Late Edo PeriodSlade, T
2018-02-01Association of parental supply of alcohol with adolescent drinking, alcohol-related harms, and alcohol use disorder symptoms: a prospective cohort studyMattick, RP; Clare, PJ; Aiken, A; Wadolowski, M; Hutchinson, D; Najman, J; Slade, T; Bruno, R; McBride, N; Kypri, K; Vogl, L; Degenhardt, L
2018Clean-Cut: Men’s Fashion Magazines, Male Aesthetic Ideals, and Social Affinity in JapanMonden, M; Freedman, A; Slade, T
2017-04-01Cohort Profile: The Australian Parental Supply of Alcohol Longitudinal Study (APSALS)Aiken, A; Wadolowski, M; Bruno, R; Najman, J; Kypri, K; Slade, T; Hutchinson, D; McBride, N; Mattick, RP
2018-01-02Cute Fashion: The Social Strategies and Aesthetics of KawaiiSlade, T; Slade, T; Freedman, A
2020-12-20Cute Men in Contemporary JapanSlade, T; Reilly, A; Barry, B
2020-09-18Decolonizing Luxury Fashion in JapanSlade, T
2015-01-01DSM-IV and DSM-5 social anxiety disorder in the Australian communityCrome, E; Grove, R; Baillie, AJ; Sunderland, M; Teesson, M; Slade, T
2014-09-29The increased trend in mothers' hospital admissions for psychiatric disorders in the first year after birth between 2001 and 2010 in New South Wales, AustraliaXu, F; Sullivan, EA; Li, Z; Burns, L; Austin, MP; Slade, T
2020-09-18Letter from the Editors: Decoloniality and FashionSlade, T; Jansen, MA
2016-07-28Neither East nor West: Japanese Fashion in ModernitySlade, T; Jansen, MA; Craik, J
2017-01-01Parental supply of alcohol and alcohol consumption in adolescence: Prospective cohort studyMattick, RP; Wadolowski, M; Aiken, A; Clare, PJ; Hutchinson, D; Najman, J; Slade, T; Bruno, R; McBride, N; Degenhardt, L; Kypri, K
2016-03-01Parents who supply sips of alcohol in early adolescence: A prospective study of risk factorsWadolowski, M; Hutchinson, D; Bruno, R; Aiken, A; Najman, JM; Kypri, K; Slade, T; McBride, N; Mattick, RP
2022-03-14'The Drug Survey App': a protocol for developing and validating an interactive population survey tool for drug use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.Conigrave, JH; Wilson, S; Conigrave, KM; Chikritzhs, T; Hayman, N; Dawson, A; Ali, R; Perry, J; Fitts, MS; Degenhardt, L; Doyle, M; Egert, S; Slade, T; Ezard, N; Dzidowska, M; Lee, KSK