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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-01Aqua NulliusSheehan, JB; Small, GR; NA
2005-01Biota and the Problem of PropertySmall, GR; Sheehan, JB
2004-01Biota Property Rights for AustraliaSheehan, JB; Small, GR; Yu, S
2005-01A Christian Understanding of Property: Spiritual themes underlying Western propertySmall, GR; Reed, R
2007-01The Contemporary Commons: understanding competing property rightsBoydell, S; Searle, GH; Small, GR; Hamnett, S
2004-01The contemporary Ethics of Property Price: Conclusions from the history of moral thought on property and priceSmall, GR; Yu, S
2003-01The Dimensions of Human Action and PropertySmall, GR
2003-01The Emerging Need for Regional Property Solutions - A Pacific PerspectiveBoydell, S; Small, GR; Rossini, P
2002-01An experimental Study of Auction BehaviourSmall, GR
2006-01Fertility Trends and the Housing MarketSmall, GR; Runeson, G; Best, R
2006-01A Metaphysical grounding for Ecologically Sustainable Property RightsSmall, GR; Smajgl, A; Larson, S
2001-01Past provides key to major contemporary issuesSmall, GR
2007-01A profile of property economists and the maturation of the academic disciplineSmall, GR; Karantonis, AC; N/A
2006-01Property Economics and Method: formalising the methodological parameters for the discipline.Small, GR
2001-01Property Education, Training and PhenomenalismSmall, GR; Karantonis, AC; Publisher
2004-01Property, Commerce and Living God's WillSmall, GR
2005-01Selling Your Family: Why Customary Title Is Incomparable To Western Conceptions Of Property ValueSheehan, JB; Small, GR; Reed, R
2001-01A Study of the Effect of Commercial Ethics on DistributionSmall, GR; Publisher