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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-01Collective behaviour in high and low-level youth soccer teamsO’Brien-Smith, J; Fransen, J; Sheehan, WB; Lenoir, M; Bennett, K; Smith, MR
2015-11-04Comparing features extractors in EEG-based cognitive fatigue detection of demanding computer tasksChai, R; Smith, MR; Nguyen, TN; Ling, SH; Coutts, AJ; Nguyen, HT
2019-11-17Comparing the Effects of Three Cognitive Tasks on Indicators of Mental FatigueSmith, MR; Chai, R; Nguyen, HT; Marcora, SM; Coutts, AJ
2020-01-01Effects of mental fatigue on soccer-specific performance in young playersFilipas, L; Borghi, S; La Torre, A; Smith, MR
2017-01-02Impact of mental fatigue on speed and accuracy components of soccer-specific skillsSmith, MR; Fransen, J; Deprez, D; Lenoir, M; Coutts, AJ
2018-07-01Mental Fatigue and Soccer: Current Knowledge and Future DirectionsSmith, MR; Thompson, C; Marcora, SM; Skorski, S; Meyer, T; Coutts, AJ
2015-01-01Mental fatigue impairs intermittent running performanceSmith, MR; Marcora, SM; Coutts, AJ
2016-07Mental fatigue impairs soccer-specific decision-making skill.Smith, MR; Zeuwts, L; Lenoir, M; Hens, N; De Jong, LMS; Coutts, AJ
2016-02-01Mental fatigue impairs soccer-specific physical and technical performanceSmith, MR; Coutts, AJ; Merlini, M; Deprez, D; Lenoir, M; Marcora, SM
2019-02-14Mental Fatigue in Football: Is it Time to Shift the Goalposts? An Evaluation of the Current MethodologyThompson, CJ; Fransen, J; Skorski, S; Smith, MR; Meyer, T; Barrett, S; Coutts, AJ
2016-11-01Mental fatigue: Impairment of technical performance in small-sided soccer gamesBadin, OO; Smith, MR; Conte, D; Coutts, AJ
2019-06-03Reliability, usefulness and construct validity of the Combined Basketball Skill Test (CBST)Conte, D; Smith, MR; Santolamazza, F; Favero, TG; Tessitore, A; Coutts, A
2020-01-02Same or different? A comparison of anthropometry, physical fitness and perceptual motor characteristics in male and female youth soccer playersO’Brien-Smith, J; Bennett, KJM; Fransen, J; Smith, MR
2021-10-15Understanding the Presence of Mental Fatigue in Elite Female Football.Thompson, CJ; Smith, A; Coutts, AJ; Skorski, S; Datson, N; Smith, MR; Meyer, T
2020-11-13Understanding workforce experiences in the early career period of Australian midwives: insights into factors which strengthen job satisfaction.Sheehy, DA; Smith, MR; Gray, PJ; Ao, PCH
2019-09-01The use of the Körperkoordinationstest für Kinder in the talent pathway in youth athletes: A systematic reviewO'Brien-Smith, J; Tribolet, R; Smith, MR; Bennett, KJM; Fransen, J; Pion, J; Lenoir, M