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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Mar-2014Academic literacy diagnostic assessment in the first semester of first year at universityPalmer, L; Levett-Jones, T; Smith, R; McMillan, M
Jan-2013Approaching a human-centred Internet of ThingsKoreshoff, TJ; Leong, T; Robertson, TJ; Shen, H; Smith, R; Paay, J; Calder, P; Wyeld, T
2018'Asking the hard questions': Improving midwifery students' confidence with domestic violence screening in pregnancy.Smith, R; Wight, R; Homer, CSE
Jan-2013Confined aquifers as viral reservoirsSmith, R; Jeffries, TC; Roudnew, B; Seymour, JR; Fitch, AJ; Simons, KL; Speck, PG; Newton, K; Brown, MH; Mitchell, JG
2013Determining the Metabolic Footprints of Hydrocarbon Degradation Using Multivariate AnalysisSmith, R; Jeffries, T; Adetutu, E; Fairweather, P; Mitchell, J
Jan-2001Discovery and Structure of a Potent and highly Specific Blocker of Insect Calcium ChannelsWang, X; Connor, M; Wilson, D; Wilson, HI; Nicholson, GM; Smith, R; Shaw, D; Mackay, J; Alewood, PF; Christie, M; King, GF
Jan-2013Dispelling Ageing Myths in Technology DesignDurick, JI; Robertson, TJ; Brereton, M; Vetere, F; Nansen, B; Shen, H; Smith, R; Paay, J; Calder, P; Wyeld, T
21-Feb-2018Ensuring Indigenous cultural respect in Australian undergraduate nursing studentsPower, TJ; Virdun, C; Gorman, E; Doab, A; Smith, R; Phillips, A; Gray, J
Jan-2012Indigenous AustraliansWatson, V; Smith, R; Vromen, A; Cook, I
Jan-2013Internet of Things: a review of literature and productsKoreshoff, TJ; Robertson, TJ; Leong, T; Shen, H; Smith, R; Paay, J; Calder, P; Wyeld, T
2016The Long-term Efficacy and Safety of Fecal Microbiota Transplant for Recurrent, Severe, and Complicated Clostridium difficile Infection in 146 Elderly Individuals.Agrawal, M; Aroniadis, OC; Brandt, LJ; Kelly, C; Freeman, S; Surawicz, C; Broussard, E; Stollman, N; Giovanelli, A; Smith, B; Yen, E; Trivedi, A; Hubble, L; Kao, D; Borody, T; Finlayson, S; Ray, A; Smith, R
23-Jun-2016Long-term Follow-up Study of Fecal Microbiota Transplantation for Severe and/or Complicated Clostridium difficile Infection: A Multicenter Experience.Aroniadis, OC; Brandt, LJ; Greenberg, A; Borody, T; Kelly, CR; Mellow, M; Surawicz, C; Cagle, L; Neshatian, L; Stollman, N; Giovanelli, A; Ray, A; Smith, R
Jan-1990Mood changes, obstetric experience and alterations in plasma cortisol, beta-endorphin and corticotrophin releasing hormone during pregnancy and the puerperium.Smith, R; Cubis, J; Brinsmead, M; Lewin, T; Singh, B; Owens, P; Chan, EC; Hall, C; Adler, R; Lovelock, M
Jan-2002Responsive evaluation of a musical play for pre-schoolersDe Vries, PA; Poston-Anderson, BJ; Smith, R; Southcott, J
Jan-2014Ressentiment in Australian Policy DebateSinclair, MR; Smith, R
Jan-2013A sense of working there: the user experience of Agile software developmentPrior, JR; Shen, H; Smith, R; Paay, J; Calder, P; Wyeld, T
Jan-2013Spatially Varying Complexity Of Bacterial And Virus-like Particle Communities Within An Aquifer SystemRoudnew, B; Lavery, T; Seymour, JR; Smith, R; Mitchell, J
Jan-2013Understanding 'Tingle' in Opera PerformancesLeong, T; Wright, P; Shen, H; Smith, R; Paay, J; Calder, P; Wyeld, T
2007Use of fluorescencebased ecotoxicological bioassays in monitoring toxicants and pollution in aquatic systems ReviewRalph, P; Smith, R; Macinnis-Ng, C; Seery, C
Jan-2012Validation Of The Environmental Audit Tool In Both Purpose-built And Non-purpose-built Dementia Care SettingsSmith, R; Fleming, R; Chenoweth, L; Jeon, Y; Stein-Parbury, J; Brodaty, H