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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-04-01Aboriginal ways of using EnglishSmith-Khan, L
-Bringing linguistic research into legal scholarship and practiceGrey, A; Smith-Khan, L
2021-01-01‘Common language’ and proficiency tests: a critical examination of registration requirements for Australian registered migration agentsSmith-Khan, L
2019-06-01Communicative resources and credibility in public discourse on refugeesSmith-Khan, L
2019-01-01Debating credibility: Refugees and rape in the mediaSmith-Khan, L
2021-09-01Deficiencies and loopholes: Clashing discourses, problems and solutions in Australian migration advice regulationSmith-Khan, L
2020-06-11Developing research collaboration across law and linguisticsSmith-Khan, L; Grey, A
2017-10-01Different in the same way? Language, diversity, and refugee credibilitySmith-Khan, L
2019‘The highest attainable standard’: The right to health for refugees with disabilitiesSmith-Khan, L; Crock, M
2022-06-18Inclusive Processes for Refugees with Disabilities: Improving Communication for Deaf Forced MigrantsSmith-Khan, L
2022-01-01Incorporating Sociolinguistic Perspectives in Australian Refugee Credibility Assessments: the Case of CRL18Smith-Khan, L
2017-08-25The legal protection of refugees with disabilities: Forgotten and invisible?Crock, M; Smith-Khan, L; McCallum, R; Saul, B
2021-12-20Linguistic diversity as a challenge and an opportunity for improved legal policyGrey, A; Smith-Khan, L
2018Making rights to education real for refugees with disabilities (Background Paper)Smith-Khan, L; Crock, M
2019-01-01Migration practitioners’ roles in communicating credible refugee claimsSmith-Khan, L
2017-01-01Negotiating narratives, accessing asylum: Evaluating language policy as multi-level practice, beliefs and managementSmith-Khan, L
2022-01-01Securing the borders of English and WhitenessPiller, I; Torsh, H; Smith-Khan, L
2020-09-03Submission to Review ‘Creating a world class migration advice industry’Smith-Khan, L
2016-06-14Swift and systematic? Identifying and recording disability in forced migrationCrock, M; Smith-Khan, L; Altman, B
2017-09-01Telling stories: Credibility and the representation of social actors in Australian asylum appealsSmith-Khan, L