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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-09Acute and chronic toxicity of manganese to tropical adult coral (Acropora millepora) to support the derivation of marine manganese water quality guideline values.Golding, LA; Binet, MT; Adams, MS; Hochen, J; Humphrey, CA; Price, GAV; Reichelt-Brushett, AJ; Salmon, M; Stauber, JL
2023-12Applicability of Chronic Multiple Linear Regression Models for Predicting Zinc Toxicity in Australian and New Zealand Freshwaters.Stauber, JL; Gadd, J; Price, GAV; Evans, A; Holland, A; Albert, A; Batley, GE; Binet, MT; Golding, LA; Hickey, C; Harford, A; Jolley, D; Koppel, D; McKnight, KS; Morais, LG; Ryan, A; Thompson, K; Van Genderen, E; Van Dam, RA; Warne, MSJ
2018-09-15Assessing the chronic toxicity of nickel to a tropical marine gastropod and two crustaceansGissi, F; Stauber, JL; Binet, MT; Trenfield, MA; Van Dam, JW; Jolley, DF
2019-07-01Development and application of a multispecies toxicity test with tropical freshwater microalgaeStone, S; Adams, MS; Stauber, JL; Jolley, DF; Warne, MSJ
2023-12Development and Validation of Multiple Linear Regression Models for Predicting Chronic Zinc Toxicity to Freshwater Microalgae.Price, GAV; Stauber, JL; Jolley, DF; Koppel, DJ; Van Genderen, EJ; Ryan, AC; Holland, A
2009-01-01Development of a toxicity identification evaluation protocol using chlorophyll-a fluorescence in a marine microalgaStrom, D; Ralph, PJ; Stauber, JL
2006-01Development of an acute toxicity test with the marine copepod acartia sinjiensisRose, RM; Carruthers, A; Stauber, JL; Lim, RP; Blockwell, S
2001-06-09Development of an improved rapid enzyme inhibition bioassay with marine and freshwater microalgae using flow cytometryFranklin, NM; Adams, MS; Stauber, JL; Lim, RP
2001-01-01Development of flow cytometry-based algal bioassays for assessing toxicity of copper in natural watersFranklin, NM; Stauber, JL; Lim, RP
2005-05-01The development of marine toxicity identification evaluation (TIE) procedures using the unicellular alga Nitzschia closteriumHogan, AC; Stauber, JL; Pablo, F; Adams, MS; Lim, RP
2004-06-01Development of multispecies algal bioassays using flow cytometryFranklin, NM; Stauber, JL; Lim, RP
2022-09-08Does toxicity test variability support bioavailability model predictions being within a factor of 2?Price, GAV; Stauber, JL; Stone, S; Koppel, DJ; Holland, A; Jolley, D; Wilkinson, K
2019-07-01The effect of dissolved nickel and copper on the adult coral Acropora muricata and its microbiomeGissi, F; Reichelt-Brushett, AJ; Chariton, AA; Stauber, JL; Greenfield, P; Humphrey, C; Salmon, M; Stephenson, SA; Cresswell, T; Jolley, DF
2021-07Effect of Dissolved Organic Matter Concentration and Source on the Chronic Toxicity of Copper and Nickel Mixtures to Chlorella sp.Macoustra, GK; Koppel, DJ; Jolley, DF; Stauber, JL; Holland, A
2002-01The effect of initial cell density on the bioavailability and toxicity of copper in microalgal bioassaysFranklin, NM; Stauber, JL; Apte, SC; Lim, RP
2002-10-02The effect of water hardness on the toxicity of uranium to a tropical freshwater alga (Chlorella sp.)Charles, AL; Markich, SJ; Stauber, JL; De Filippis, LF
2020-03Effects of dissolved nickel and nickel-contaminated suspended sediment on the scleractinian coral, Acropora muricataGillmore, ML; Gissi, F; Golding, LA; Stauber, JL; Reichelt-Brushett, AJ; Severati, A; Humphrey, CA; Jolley, DF
2023-02-01Natural organic matter source, concentration, and pH influences the toxicity of zinc to a freshwater microalga.Price, GAV; Stauber, JL; Jolley, DF; Koppel, DJ; Van Genderen, EJ; Ryan, AC; Holland, A
2006-06-01Sensitivities of Australian and New Zealand amphipods to copper and zinc in waters and metal-spiked sedimentsKing, CK; Gale, SA; Hyne, RV; Stauber, JL; Simpson, SL; Hickey, CW
2021-05The Diffusive Gradients in Thin Films Technique Predicts Sediment Nickel Toxicity to the Amphipod Melita plumulosa.Gillmore, ML; Price, GAV; Golding, LA; Stauber, JL; Adams, MS; Simpson, SL; Smith, REW; Jolley, DF