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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-12-01Application of software mining to automatic user interface generationKennard, R; Steele, R
2006-12-01Challenges for mobile remote access to desktop and web resourcesKhankan, K; Steele, R
2005-10-01Coordinating access control between a private registry and web service ProvidersKhankan, K; Steele, R; Dillon, T
2005A design methodology for user access control (UAC) middlewareSteele, R; Gardner, W; Rajugan, R; Dillon, TS
2009-12-01Elderly persons' perception and acceptance of using wireless sensor networks to assist healthcareSteele, R; Lo, A; Secombe, C; Wong, YK
2007-12-01Enhancing mobile business through a task-oriented model for mobile remote accessKhankan, K; Steele, R
2005-01Evaluating wireless technologies in mobile payments - A customer centric approachBachfischer, A; Brookes, W; Lawrence, E; Steele, R; Chang, E
2005-01-01An extended Kth-best approach for fuzzy linear bilevel problemsZhang, G; Lu, J; Steele, R; Shi, C; Blair, S; Chakraborty, U; Chen, SH; Cheng, HD; Chiu, DKY; Das, S; Denker, G; Duro, R; Romay, MG; Hung, D; Kerre, EE; VaLeong, H; Lu, CT; Lu, J; Maguire, L; Ngo, CW; Sarfraz, M; Tseng, C; Tsumoto, S; Ventura, D; Wang, PP; Yao, X; Zhang, CN; Zhang, K
2005-12-01Extending collaboration to mobile environmentsHawryszkiewycz, I; Steele, R
2007Framework and prototype for a secure XML-based electronic health records system.Steele, R; Gardner, W; Chandra, D; Dillon, TS
2005-01-01A framework for integrating mobility into collaborative business processesHawryszkiewycz, I; Steele, R
2005-01Impacts and cost of faults on services in cellular networksKogeda, P; Agbinya, JI; Omlin, C; Brookes, W; Lawrence, E; Steele, R; Chang, E
2005-09-21Mobile Web services discovery and invocation through auto-generation of abstract multimodal interfaceSteele, R; Khankan, K; Dillon, T
2005-01RTPD/MACSC: A Novel Approach for Effective Pervasive Information RetrievalWu, R; Dillon, TS; Wong, AK; Brookes, W; Lawrence, E; Steele, R; Chang, E
2006-12-01Service oriented design methodologies for mobile applicationsHawryszkiewycz, IT; Steele, R
2005-01Smart sensor networks: communication, collaboration and business decision making in distributed complex environmentsHecker, M; Karol, A; Stanton, CJ; Williams, M; Brooks, W; Lawrence, E; Steele, R; Chang, E
2005-12-01Towards the mobile Web - An architecture for multimodal interface auto-generation for Web pages and servicesSteele, R; Khankan, K
2004-01-01A two-tier architecture for automated mobile applicationsSteele, R; Ventsov, Y; Madhisetty, S; Benkovich, L; Srimani, PK
2005-01Use scenarios: A useful design tool for mBusinessSadler, KA; Robertson, TJ; Kan, MM; Brookes, W; Lawrence, E; Steele, R; Chang, E
2005-01Using the Novel FLC Dynamic Buffer Size Tuning Technique to Support More Dependable Location-Aware Information RetrievalLin, WW; Dillon, TS; Wong, AK; Brookes, W; Lawrence, E; Steele, R; Chang, E