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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07-21A dying trade that is still in demand?Stein, JA
2021-07-21A dying trade that is still in demand?Stein, JA
2003-03-01Australian bat research: The limitations of The Action Plan for Australian Bats in determining the direction of researchLunney, D; Matthews, A; Stein, JA; Lunney, HWM
2017-01-01Be Creative: Making a Living in the New Culture IndustriesStein, JA
2014-11-12The co-construction of spatial memory: Enriching architectural histories of 'ordinary' buildingsStein, JA
2011-04-01Conversations from the Wonder Chamber: Jesse Adams Stein in conversation with Matthew ConnellStein, JA; Dean, B; Muller, L
2018-12-05Conversations in the Shadows of Australian ManufacturingStein, JA
2010-01Design in the age of Darwin: From William Morris to Frank Lloyd WrightStein, JA
2009-06-25Domesticity and Gender in the Industrial Design of Apple Computer 1977-1984 (MA thesis)Stein, JA; Golec, M
2011-07-01Domesticity, Gender and the 1977 Apple II Personal ComputerStein, JA
2018-12-06Don’t be too quick to dismiss ‘dying trades’, those skills are still in demandStein, JA
2011-11-01Eames Overload and the Mystification Machine: The IBM Pavilion at the 1964 New York World's FairStein, JA; Grundy, A
2019-09-25Hidden between Craft and Industry: Engineering Patternmakers' Design KnowledgeStein, JA
2017-02-01Hot metal: Material culture and tangible labourStein, JA
2020-02-20In the post-Holden era, we can be a nation of clever designersStein, JA
2022-01-05Industrial Craft in Australia: Oral Histories of Creativity & SurvivalStein, JA
2018-12-05"Invisible Hands", History Lab Season 2 Podcast. (Producer: Olivia Rosenman, Contributing Historian: Jesse Adams Stein, Host: Tamson Pietsch, Executive Producer: Tom Allinson)Rosenman, O; Stein, JA
2021-07-19Invited presentation at Public Hearing Day 1 - Right to Repair Inquiry, Productivity Commission,Stein, JA
2017-03-20‘Keeping the axe workshop going’: Australian manufacturing and the hidden maintenance of historical practicesStein, JA; Simpson, AV; Berti, M; Hermens, A
2015-01-01Making 'foreign orders': Australian print-workers and clandestine creative production in the 1980sStein, JA