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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-06Creating healthy and sustainable cities: what gets measured, gets doneGiles-Corti, B; Moudon, AV; Lowe, M; Adlakha, D; Cerin, E; Boeing, G; Higgs, C; Arundel, J; Liu, S; Hinckson, E; Salvo, D; Adams, MA; Badland, H; Florindo, AA; Gebel, K; Hunter, RF; Mitáš, J; Oyeyemi, AL; Puig-Ribera, A; Queralt, A; Santos, MP; Schipperijn, J; Stevenson, M; Dyck, DV; Vich, G; Sallis, JF
2011-09-01Grating writing in structured optical fibersCanning, J; Groothoff, N; Cook, K; Stevenson, M; Holdsworth, J; Lancry, M; Poumellec, B
2011-09-06High-power ultrafast laser source with 300 MHz repetition rate for trapped-ion quantum logicJechow, A; Petrasiunas, MJ; Pullen, MG; Canning, J; Stevenson, M; Westbrook, PS; Feder, KS; Kielpinski, D
2017-12-01Immune signatures of pathogenesis in the peritoneal compartment during early infection of sheep with Fasciola hepaticaRuiz-Campillo, MT; Molina-Hernandez, V; Escamilla, A; Stevenson, M; Perez, J; Martinez-Moreno, A; Donnelly, S; Dalton, JP; Cwiklinski, K
2019-03-18On the integration of manufacturing strategy: deconstructing Hoshin KanriThürer, M; Maschek, T; Fredendall, L; Gianiodis, P; Stevenson, M; Deuse, J
2014-01-01Picosecond 554 nm yellow-green fiber laser source with average power over 1WPetrasiunas, MJ; Hussain, MI; Canning, J; Stevenson, M; Kielpinski, D
2011-01-17A study of regenerated gratings produced in germanosilicate fibers by high temperature annealingBandyopadhyay, S; Canning, J; Biswas, P; Stevenson, M; Dasgupta, K
2022-11-07The 2022 report of the MJA-Lancet Countdown on health and climate change: Australia unprepared and paying the price.Beggs, PJ; Zhang, Y; McGushin, A; Trueck, S; Linnenluecke, MK; Bambrick, H; Capon, AG; Vardoulakis, S; Green, D; Malik, A; Jay, O; Heenan, M; Hanigan, IC; Friel, S; Stevenson, M; Johnston, FH; McMichael, C; Charlson, F; Woodward, AJ; Romanello, MB