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2017-01-01AMDAT Lung, An Ideal Lung Cancer MDT DatasetStone, E; Rankin, N; Phillips, J; Fong, K; Miller, A; Largey, G; Zielinski, R; Flynn, P; Currow, D; Shaw, T
2020Clinical impact of data feedback at lung cancer multidisciplinary team meetings: A mixed methods study.Stone, E; Rankin, NM; Vinod, SK; Nagarajah, M; Donnelly, C; Currow, DC; Fong, KM; Phillips, JL; Shaw, T
2017-02-01Closing evidence-practice gaps in lung cancer: Results from multi-methods priority setting in the clinical contextMcGregor, D; Rankin, N; Butow, P; York, S; White, K; Phillips, J; Stone, E; Barnes, D; Jones, R; Shaw, T
2018-10-01Consensus minimum data set for lung cancer multidisciplinary teams: Results of a Delphi processStone, E; Rankin, N; Phillips, J; Fong, K; Currow, DC; Miller, A; Largey, G; Zielinski, R; Flynn, P; Shaw, T
2018-10-01Does presentation at multidisciplinary team meetings improve lung cancer survival? Findings from a consecutive cohort studyStone, E; Rankin, N; Kerr, S; Fong, K; Currow, DC; Phillips, J; Connon, T; Zhang, L; Shaw, T
2023-04Education messages and strategies to inform the public, potential screening candidates and healthcare providers about lung cancer screening: A systematic review.Dodd, RH; Sharman, AR; McGregor, D; Stone, E; Donnelly, C; Lourenco, RDA; Marshall, H; Rankin, NM
2020-07-26Electronic cigarettes: A position statement from the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand.McDonald, CF; Jones, S; Beckert, L; Bonevski, B; Buchanan, T; Bozier, J; Carson-Chahhoud, KV; Chapman, DG; Dobler, CC; Foster, JM; Hamor, P; Hodge, S; Holmes, PW; Larcombe, AN; Marshall, HM; McCallum, GB; Miller, A; Pattemore, P; Roseby, R; See, HV; Stone, E; Thompson, BR; Ween, MP; Peters, MJ
2020-08Optimizing lung cancer MDT data for maximum clinical impact-a scoping literature review.Stone, E; Rankin, N; Currow, D; Fong, KM; Phillips, JL; Shaw, T