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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-05-01A Semantic Collaboration Method Based on Uniform Knowledge GraphLi, Q; Cao, Z; Tanveer, M; Pandey, HM; Wang, C
2020-07-01An Effective Reliability Evaluation Method for Power Communication Network Based on Community StructureLi, Q; Cao, Z; Tanveer, M; Pandey, HM; Wang, C
2022-04-01Artificial intelligence and deep learning for biomedical applicationsKhanna, P; Tanveer, M; Prasad, M; Lin, C-T
2023-08-01Deep learning for brain age estimation: A systematic reviewTanveer, M; Ganaie, MA; Beheshti, I; Goel, T; Ahmad, N; Lai, KT; Huang, K; Zhang, YD; Del Ser, J; Lin, CT
2019-07-01Deep Sparse Representation Classifier for facial recognition and detection systemCheng, EJ; Chou, KP; Rajora, S; Jin, BH; Tanveer, M; Lin, CT; Young, KY; Lin, WC; Prasad, M
2023-09-01Deep-Learning-Based Diagnosis and Prognosis of Alzheimer's Disease: A Comprehensive ReviewSharma, R; Goel, T; Tanveer, M; Lin, CT; Murugan, R
2022-01-01Distributed Semi-supervised Fuzzy Regression with Interpolation Consistency RegularizationShi, Y; Zhang, L; Cao, Z; Tanveer, M; Lin, CT
2023-09-14Ensemble deep learning in speech signal tasks: A reviewTanveer, M; Rastogi, A; Paliwal, V; Ganaie, MA; Malik, AK; Del Ser, J; Lin, CT
2022-10-01Guest Editorial Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms for Biomedical Data and ImagingTanveer, M; Lin, CT; Kumar Singh, A
2023-01-01Guest Editorial Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms for Biomedical Data and Imaging—Part IITanveer, M; Lin, C-T; Singh, AK
2023-04-01Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Emerging Computational Intelligence Techniques to Address Challenges in Biomedical Data and ImagingTanveer, M; Lin, CT; Ting, CK; Andreu-Perez, J
2020-04-01Introduction to the special issue on computational intelligence for biomedical data and imagingTanveer, M; Khanna, P; Prasad, M; Lin, CT
2022-06-10Intuitionistic Fuzzy Weighted Least Squares Twin SVMs.Tanveer, M; Ganaie, MA; Bhattacharjee, A; Lin, CT
2022-11-01Large-Scale Fuzzy Least Squares Twin SVMs for Class Imbalance LearningGanaie, MA; Tanveer, M; Lin, CT
2020-04-01Machine learning techniques for the diagnosis of alzheimer's disease: A reviewTanveer, M; Richhariya, B; Khan, RU; Rashid, AH; Khanna, P; Prasad, M; Lin, CT
2021-01-01Privacy Protection for Medical Data Sharing in Smart HealthcareFang, L; Yin, C; Zhu, J; Ge, C; Tanveer, M; Jolfaei, A; Cao, Z
2021-08-01Privacy-preserving Time-series Medical Images Analysis Using a Hybrid Deep Learning FrameworkYue, Z; DIng, S; Zhao, L; Zhang, Y; Cao, Z; Tanveer, M; Jolfaei, A; Zheng, X
2022-01-01Recognition of multi-cognitive tasks from EEG signals using EMD methodsGupta, A; Kumar, D; Verma, H; Tanveer, M; Javier, AP; Lin, CT; Prasad, M
2018-10-10Study of Clinical Staging and Classification of Retinal Images for Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) ScreeningBadarinath, D; Chaitra, S; Bharill, N; Tanveer, M; Prasad, M; Suma, HN; Abhishek Appaji, M; Vinekar, A
2018-07-04Tensor Decomposition for EEG Signal RetrievalCao, Z; Prasad, M; Tanveer, M; Lin, C-T