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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07-08A C19MC-LIN28A-MYCN Oncogenic Circuit Driven by Hijacked Super-enhancers Is a Distinct Therapeutic Vulnerability in ETMRs: A Lethal Brain TumorSin-Chan, P; Mumal, I; Suwal, T; Ho, B; Fan, X; Singh, I; Du, Y; Lu, M; Patel, N; Torchia, J; Popovski, D; Fouladi, M; Guilhamon, P; Hansford, JR; Leary, S; Hoffman, LM; Mulcahy Levy, JM; Lassaletta, A; Solano-Paez, P; Rivas, E; Reddy, A; Gillespie, GY; Gupta, N; Van Meter, TE; Nakamura, H; Wong, TT; Ra, YS; Kim, SK; Massimi, L; Grundy, RG; Fangusaro, J; Johnston, D; Chan, J; Lafay-Cousin, L; Hwang, EI; Wang, Y; Catchpoole, D; Michaud, J; Ellezam, B; Ramanujachar, R; Lindsay, H; Taylor, MD; Hawkins, CE; Bouffet, E; Jabado, N; Singh, SK; Kleinman, CL; Barsyte-Lovejoy, D; Li, XN; Dirks, PB; Lin, CY; Mack, SC; Rich, JN; Huang, A
2021-09-01Continental-scale acoustic telemetry and network analysis reveal new insights into stock structureLédée, EJI; Heupel, MR; Taylor, MD; Harcourt, RG; Jaine, FRA; Huveneers, C; Udyawer, V; Campbell, HA; Babcock, RC; Hoenner, X; Barnett, A; Braccini, M; Brodie, S; Butcher, PA; Cadiou, G; Dwyer, RG; Espinoza, M; Ferreira, LC; Fetterplace, L; Fowler, A; Harborne, AR; Knott, NA; Lowry, M; McAllister, J; McAuley, R; Meekan, M; Mills, K; Peddemors, VM; Pillans, R; Semmens, J; Smoothey, AF; Speed, C; Stehfest, K; van der Meulen, D; Simpfendorfer, CA
2011-05-26Distribution of life-history stages of the salp Thalia democratica in shelf waters during a spring bloomHenschke, N; Everett, JD; Baird, ME; Taylor, MD; Suthers, IM
2020-04-01Impact of Spatial Management on Nontarget Species in an Oceanic Penaeid Trawl FisheryTaylor, MD; Silburn, J; Booth, DJ; Johnson, DD
2015-10-01Zooplankton trophic niches respond to different water types of the western Tasman Sea: A stable isotope analysisHenschke, N; Everett, JD; Suthers, IM; Smith, JA; Hunt, BPV; Doblin, MA; Taylor, MD