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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-10-01Automated quality control of forced oscillation measurements: Respiratory artifact detection with advanced feature extractionPham, TT; Leong, PHW; Robinson, PD; Gutzler, T; Jee, AS; King, GG; Thamrin, C
2020-11-05Caution in Interpretation of Abnormal Carbon Monoxide Diffusion Capacity in COVID-19 Patients.Chapman, DG; Badal, T; King, GG; Thamrin, C
2021-10Controlled versus free breathing for multiple-breath nitrogen washout in asthma.Handley, BM; Bozier, J; Jeagal, E; Rutting, S; Schoeffel, RE; Robinson, PD; King, GG; Milne, S; Thamrin, C
2021-08Dynamic compliance and reactance in older non-smokers with asthma and fixed airflow obstruction.Durack, T; Chapman, DG; Rutting, S; Thamrin, C; King, GG; Tonga, KO
2021-08-01Effect of combination inhaled therapy on ventilation distribution measured by SPECT/CT imaging in uncontrolled asthma.Rutting, S; Chapman, DG; Thamrin, C; Tang, FSM; Dame Carroll, JR; Bailey, DL; Trifunovic, M; Magnussen, JS; King, GG; Farrow, CE
2016-12-09Feature Engineering and Supervised Learning Classifiers for Respiratory Artefact RemovalPham, T; Nguyen, DN; Dutkiewicz, E; McEwan, A; Thamrin, C; Robinson, P; Leong, P
2016-01-01Feature engineering and supervised learning classifiers for respiratory artefact removal in lung function testsPham, TT; Nguyen, DN; Dutkiewicz, E; McEwan, AL; Thamrin, C; Robinson, PD; Leong, PHW
2016-12Feature Engineering and Supervised Learning Classifiers for Respiratory Artefact Removal in Lung Function TestsPham, TT; Nguyen, DN; Dutkiewicz, E; McEwan, AL; Thamrin, C; Robinson, PD; Leong, PHW
2020-05Long-Term Variability in Oscillatory Impedance in Stable Obstructive Airways DiseasesRutting, S; Roche, N; Wallis, R; Sanai, F; Mascarenhas, S; Handley, B; Schoeffel, R; Thamrin, C; Chapman, D; King, G
2021-07Long-term variability of oscillatory impedance in stable obstructive airways disease.Rutting, S; Badal, T; Wallis, R; Schoeffel, RE; Roche, N; Cottee, AM; Chapman, DG; Greenwood, M; Farah, CS; King, GG; Thamrin, C
2019-03-01Lung elastic recoil and ventilation heterogeneity of diffusion-dependent airways in older people with asthma and fixed airflow obstructionTonga, KO; Berend, N; Thamrin, C; Farah, CS; Jetmalani, K; Chapman, DG; King, GG
2018-03-01LUNG ELASTIC RECOIL, INFLAMMATION AND PERSISTENT AIRFLOW LIMITATION IN ASTHMATonga, K; Farah, C; Thamrin, C; Tang, F; Santos, J; Sharma, P; Oliver, B; King, G
2021-08-01Lung heterogeneity as a predictor for disease severity and response to therapyRutting, S; Chapman, DG; Farah, CS; Thamrin, C
2023-04Model analysis of multiple breath nitrogen washout data: robustness to variations in breathing pattern.Bates, JHT; Milne, S; Handley, BM; Rutting, S; Chapman, DG; King, GG; Farah, CS; Robinson, PD; Thamrin, C
2021-10Normal limits for oscillometric bronchodilator responses and relationships with clinical factors.Jetmalani, K; Brown, NJ; Boustany, C; Toelle, BG; Marks, GB; Abramson, MJ; Johns, DP; James, AL; Hunter, M; Musk, AW; Berend, N; Farah, CS; Chapman, DG; Thamrin, C; King, GG
2020Obesity alters the topographical distribution of ventilation and the regional response to bronchoconstriction.Rutting, S; Mahadev, S; Tonga, KO; Bailey, DL; Dame Carroll, JR; Farrow, CE; Thamrin, C; Chapman, DG; King, GG
2018-05-01Peripheral airway dysfunction and relationship with symptoms in smokers with preserved spirometryJetmalani, K; Thamrin, C; Farah, CS; Bertolin, A; Chapman, DG; Berend, N; Salome, CM; King, GG
2018-01-01Persistent Airflow Limitation, Lung Elastic Recoil and Inflammation in Older Non-Smokers with AsthmaTonga, K; Farah, CS; Thamrin, C; Tang, F; Santos, J; Sharma, P; Oliver, B; King, G
2019-01-01Reduced lung elastic recoil and fixed airflow obstruction in asthmaTonga, KO; Chapman, DG; Farah, CS; Oliver, BG; Zimmermann, SC; Milne, S; Sanai, F; Jetmalani, K; Berend, N; Thamrin, C; King, GG
2020-01-01Relationships between forced oscillatory impedance and 6-minute walk distance after pulmonary rehabilitation in COPDZimmermann, SC; Thamrin, C; Chan, ASL; Bertolin, A; Chapman, DG; King, GG