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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-03-01Charting a course for the development of ACNThoms, D
2011-11-01The consequences of executive turnoverDuffield, C; Roche, M; Blay, N; Thoms, D; Stasa, H
2012-06-01A conversation about practice development and knowledge translation as mechanisms to align the academic and clinical contexts for the advancement of nursing practiceWalsh, K; Kitson, A; Cross, W; Thoms, D; Thornton, A; Moss, C; Campbell, S; Graham, I
2022-09-17Coping with COVID-19. Work life experiences of nursing, midwifery and paramedic academics: An international interview study.Brown, J; Slatyer, S; Jakimowicz, S; Maben, J; Calleja, P; Donovan, H; Cusack, L; Cameron, D; Cope, V; Levett-Jones, T; Williamson, M; Klockner, K; Walsh, A; Arnold-Chamney, M; Hollingdrake, O; Thoms, D; Duggan, R
2022-02Evidence-informed implementation of nurse prescribing under supervision: An integrative review.Fox, A; Joseph, R; Cardiff, L; Thoms, D; Yates, P; Nissen, L; Chan, RJ
2016-12-01The Health Care Reform Agenda in Australia: Opportunities for Nurse Leaders?Thoms, D
2008-05-01An overview of the competency movement in nursing and midwiferyChiarella, M; Thoms, D; Lau, C; McInnes, E
2010-06-01The Perioperative Nursing Workforce Program in NSW: How a professional perioperative nursing association meets one of its mandates Part 1Hamlin, L; Chiarella, M; Cubitt, J; Duff, J; Jones, K; Thoms, D; Waldron, J
2017-06-01Standards for practice for registered nurses in AustraliaCashin, A; Heartfield, M; Bryce, J; Devey, L; Buckley, T; Cox, D; Kerdo, E; Kelly, J; Thoms, D; Fisher, M
2016-03-01Strengthening the capacity of nursing leaders through multifaceted professional development initiatives: A mixed method evaluation of the 'Take The Lead' programDebono, D; Travaglia, JF; Dunn, AG; Thoms, D; Hinchcliff, R; Plumb, J; Milne, J; Erez-Rein, N; Wiley, J; Braithwaite, J
2012-01-01Strengthening the nursing and midwifery unit manager role: An interim programme evaluationClarke, E; Diers, D; Kunisch, J; Duffield, C; Thoms, D; Hawes, S; Stasa, H; Fry, M
2022-01-01What workforce preparation is required for successful implementation of nurse prescribing under supervision?Fox, A; Thamm, C; Crawford-Williams, F; Joseph, R; Cardiff, L; Thoms, D; Nissen, L; Yates, P; Chan, RJ