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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-07A Clinical Trial Investigating Telehealth and In-Person Social Communication Skills Training for People With Traumatic Brain Injury: Participant-Reported Communication Outcomes.Rietdijk, R; Power, E; Attard, M; Heard, R; Togher, L
2017A Conceptual Measurement Model for eHealth Readiness: a Team Based Perspective.Phillips, J; Poon, SK; Yu, D; Lam, M; Hines, M; Brunner, M; Power, E; Keep, M; Shaw, T; Togher, L
2020-11A pilot randomized controlled trial comparing online versus face-to-face delivery of an aphasia communication partner training program for student healthcare professionals.Power, E; Falkenberg, K; Barnes, S; Elbourn, E; Attard, M; Togher, L
2021-12-09A Web-Based Service Delivery Model for Communication Training After Brain Injury: Protocol for a Mixed Methods, Prospective, Hybrid Type 2 Implementation-Effectiveness Study.Miao, M; Power, E; Rietdijk, R; Brunner, M; Debono, D; Togher, L
2020-05-28Acceptability of telehealth-delivered rehabilitation: Experiences and perspectives of people with traumatic brain injury and their carers.Rietdijk, R; Power, E; Attard, M; Togher, L
2017-04-01Assessment of Aphasia Across the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health Using an iPad-Based ApplicationGuo, YE; Togher, L; Power, E; Hutomo, E; Yang, YF; Tay, A; Yen, SC; Koh, GCH
2022-08-29Cognitive and Behavioral Digital Health Interventions for People with Traumatic Brain Injury and Their Caregivers: A Systematic Review.Avramovic, P; Rietdijk, R; Attard, M; Kenny, B; Power, E; Togher, L
2018-12-06Cognitive-communication and psychosocial functioning 12 months after severe traumatic brain injuryTran, S; Kenny, B; Power, E; Tate, R; McDonald, S; Heard, R; Togher, L
2023-05-03Communication and Psychosocial Outcomes 2-Years After Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: Development of a Prognostic Model.Togher, L; Elbourn, E; Kenny, B; Honan, C; Power, E; Tate, R; McDonald, S; MacWhinney, B
2017-10-01Communication behaviors associated with successful conversation in semantic variant primary progressive aphasiaTaylor-Rubin, C; Croot, K; Power, E; Savage, SA; Hodges, JR; Togher, L
2023-11-09Communication between rehabilitation staff and people with traumatic brain injury: A systematic review.Christensen, I; Power, E; Togher, L; Brassel, S; Elbourn, E; Folder, N; Jensen, LR
2023-03-23"Communication Is Not Exactly My Field, but It Is Still My Area of Work": Staff and Managers' Experiences of Communication With People With Traumatic Brain Injury.Christensen, I; Power, E; Togher, L; Norup, A
2016-05-13COMPARE: A randomised controlled trial comparing constraint-induced and multi-modal aphasia therapy to usual care in people with chronic aphasiaRose, M; Copland, D; Nickels, L; Togher, L; Meinzer, M; Rai, T; Godecke, E; Pierce, J; Foster, A; Hurley, M
2019-12-01Constraint-induced or multi-modal personalized aphasia rehabilitation (COMPARE): A randomized controlled trial for stroke-related chronic aphasiaRose, ML; Copland, D; Nickels, L; Togher, L; Meinzer, M; Rai, T; Cadilhac, DA; Kim, J; Foster, A; Carragher, M; Hurley, M; Godecke, E
2019-01-08Content Analysis of Tweets by People with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): Implications for Rehabilitation and Social Media GoalsBrunner, M; Palmer, S; Togher, L; Dann, S; Hemsley, B
2016Conversational topics discussed by individuals with severe traumatic brain injury and their communication partners during sub-acute recovery.Brassel, S; Kenny, B; Power, E; Elbourn, E; McDonald, S; Tate, R; MacWhinney, B; Turkstra, L; Holland, A; Togher, L
2022-01-10Coproducing Knowledge of the Implementation of Complex Digital Health Interventions for Adults with Acquired Brain Injury and their Communication Partners: Protocol for a Mixed Methods Study.Miao, M; Power, E; Rietdijk, R; Debono, D; Brunner, M; Salomon, A; Mcculloch, B; Wright, MR; Welsh, M; Tremblay, B; Rixon, C; Williams, L; Morrow, R; Evain, J-C; Togher, L
2023-08-09Developing a Digital Health Intervention for Conversation Skills After Brain Injury (convers-ABI-lity) Using a Collaborative Approach: Mixed Methods Study.Avramović, P; Rietdijk, R; Kenny, B; Power, E; Togher, L
2023-03-23Developing Social-ABI-lity: An Online Course to Support Safe Use of Social Media for Connection After Acquired Brain Injury.Brunner, M; Rietdijk, R; Avramovic, P; Power, E; Miao, M; Rushworth, N; MacLean, L; Brookes, A-M; Togher, L
2015-07-02Development and validation of Australian aphasia rehabilitation best practice statements using the RAND/UCLA appropriateness method.Power, E; Thomas, E; Worrall, L; Rose, M; Togher, L; Nickels, L; Hersh, D; Godecke, E; O'Halloran, R; Lamont, S; O'Connor, C; Clarke, K