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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-03-06A framework to manage data science initiativesMathur, S; Sankaran, S; Macaulay, S; Tsang, I
2017-01-01Approximate conditional gradient descent on multi-class classificationLiu, Z; Tsang, I
2017-01-01Compressed K - Means for large-scale clusteringShen, X; Liu, W; Tsang, I; Shen, F; Sun, QS
2021-03-06Data Analytics to Evaluate Public Value from MegaprojectsDevkar, G; Sankaran, S; Ke, Y; Ninan, J; Mathur, S; Tsang, I; Vuorinen, L
2015-10-17Defragging subgraph features for graph classificationWang, H; Zhang, P; Tsang, I; Chen, L; Zhang, C
2017-01-01Discovering user interests from social imagesYao, J; Zhang, Y; Tsang, I; Sun, J
2009Domain Transfer SVM for Video Concept DetectionDuan, L; Tsang, I; Xu, D; Maybank, S; Irfan Essa, Sing Bing Kang, Marc Pollefeys
2009-11-09Extracting discriminative concepts for domain adaptation in text miningChen, B; Lam, W; Tsang, I; Wong, TL
2019-01-01Familial Clustering For Weakly-labeled Android Malware Using Hybrid Representation LearningZhang, Y; Sui, Y; Pan, S; Zheng, Z; Ning, B; Tsang, I; Zhou, W
2013-01-01Feature weighting via optimal thresholding for video analysisXu, Z; Yang, Y; Tsang, I; Sebe, N; Hauptmann, AG
2010-12-01Location and scatter matching for dataset shift in text miningChen, B; Lam, W; Tsang, I; Wong, TL
2019-11-03Long-short distance aggregation networks for positive unlabeled graph learningWu, M; Tsang, I; Pan, S; Zhu, X; Du, L; Du, B
2011Multi-layer Group Sparse Coding -- for Concurrent Image Classification and AnnotationGao, S; Chia, L; Tsang, I; Pedro Felzenszwalb, David Forsyth, Pascal Fua
2015-01-01Objects co-segmentation: Propagated from simpler imagesChen, M; Velasco-Forero, S; Tsang, I; Cham, TJ
2021-02-23Recursive Copy and Paste GAN: Face Hallucination from Shaded Thumbnails.Zhang, Y; Tsang, I; Luo, Y; Hu, C; Lu, X; Yu, X
2015-01-01Scalable maximum margin matrix factorization by active riemannian subspace searchYan, Y; Tan, M; Tsang, I; Yang, Y; Zhang, C; Shi, Q
2009-12-01A semi-supervised framework for feature mapping and multiclass classificationChen, B; Lam, W; Tsang, I; Wong, TL
2018-10-10Towards the Learning of Weighted Multi-label Associative ClassifiersLiu, C; Chen, L; Tsang, I; Yin, H
2020-05-01Unseen land cover classification fromhigh-resolution orthophotos using integration of zero-shot learning and convolutional neural networksPradhan, B; Al-Najjar, HAH; Sameen, MI; Tsang, I; Alamri, AM