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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2018Case report: A patient with malaria at the emergency departmentVan Der Linden, MC; Rambach, AH; Van Der Linden, N
1-Jan-2014Cetuximab in locally advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck: Generalizability of EMR 062202-006 trial resultsVan Der Linden, N; Van Gils, CWM; Pescott, CP; Buter, J; Uyl-De Groot, CA
1-Jan-2016Cost-utility of sentinel lymph node biopsy in cT1-T2N0 oral cancerVan Der Linden, N; Flach, GB; De Bree, R; Uyl-De Groot, CA
2018A dedicated neurologist at the emergency department during out‑of‑office hours decreases patients’ length of stay and admission percentagesvan der Linden, MC; van den Brand, C; van den Wijngaard, IR; de Beaufort, RAY; Van Der Linden, N; Jellema, K
Nov-2018A different crowd, a different crowding level? The predefined thresholds of crowding scales may not be optimal for all emergency departmentsVan Der Linden, MC; Van Loon, M; Gaakeer, MI; Richards, JR; Derlet, RW; Van Der Linden, N
1-Dec-2013Emergency department crowding in the Netherlands: Managers' experiencesVan Der Linden, C; Reijnen, R; Derlet, RW; Lindeboom, R; Van Der Linden, N; Lucas, C; Richards, JR
1-Jan-2014Fracture prevalence during an unusual period of snow and ice in the NetherlandsVan Den Brand, CL; Van Der Linden, MC; Van Der Linden, N; Rhemrev, SJ
1-Jan-2014Rate, characteristics, and factors associated with high emergency department utilizationVan Der Linden, MC; Van Den Brand, CL; Van Der Linden, N; Rambach, AH; Brumsen, C
10-May-2011Refining a triage system for use in emergency departmentsVan Der Linden, C; Lindeboom, R; Van Der Linden, N; Lucas, C
1-Nov-2017Two emergency departments, 6000 km apart: Differences in patient flow and staff perceptions about crowdingVan Der Linden, MC; Khursheed, M; Hooda, K; Pines, JM; Van Der Linden, N
1-Nov-2017Update of the Dutch manual for costing studies in health careKanters, TA; Bouwmans, CAM; Van Der Linden, N; Tan, SS; Hakkaart-van Roijen, L