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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-01-01Accelerated Lung Aging In COPD: A Lung Tissue Gene Expression SignatureDe Vries, M; Faiz, A; Postma, DS; Sin, DD; Bosse, Y; Nickle, DC; Timens, W; Van den Berge, M; Brandsma, C
2018-09-15Cigarette smoke exposure decreases CFLAR expression in bronchial epithelium, augmenting susceptibility for cell death and DAMP releasePouwels, SD; Faiz, A; Heijink, IH; Vermeulen, CJ; Guryev, V; Van den Berge, M; Nawijn, MC
2019-05-01Genetic profiling for disease stratification in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthmaRathnayake, SNH; Van den Berge, M; Faiz, A
2021-04-01LONGITUDINAL EFFECTS OF 12 MONTHS SMOKING CESSATION ON DNA METHYLATION AND GENE EXPRESSION IN BRONCHIAL BIOPSIESRathnayake, S; Vermeulen, C; Ten Hacken, N; Timens, W; Kooistra, W; Heijink, H; Brandsma, C; Oliver, B; Van den Berge, M; Faiz, A
2021-04-01SMOKING CHANGES GENE EXPRESSION AND METHYLATION IN ASTHMATIC NASAL EPITHELIUMReddy, D; Boudewijn, I; Lan, A; Rathnayake, S; Koppelman, G; Oliver, B; Van den Berge, M; Faiz, A
2021-04-01TRANSCRIPTOME DYNAMICS IN BRONCHIAL EPITHELIAL CELLS FOLLOWING TO CIGARETTE EXPOSUREMahbub, R; Van der Does, A; Ninaber, D; Rathnayake, S; Brandsma, C; Van den Berge, M; Aliee, H; Nawijn, M; Hiemstra, P; Faiz, A
2023-05Unsupervised Clustering of Sputum Transcriptomes Identifies Three COPD Exacerbation Endotypes With Differing Susceptibilities and PathobiologySarma, A; Faiz, A; Ditz, B; Langelier, C; Nerella, S; Neff, N; Lyden, A; Caldera, S; Bolourchi, S; Calfee, CS; Bathoorn, E; Kerstjens, HAM; Van den Berge, M; Christenson, S