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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-08Editorial: What about sample size?Verhagen, A; Yu, L-M
2018-02-01One question might be capable of replacing the Shoulder Pain and Disability Index (SPADI) when measuring disability: a prospective cohort studyThoomes-de Graaf, M; Scholten-Peeters, W; Karel, Y; Verwoerd, A; Koes, B; Verhagen, A
2021-02-18Please refrain from presenting p-values!Verhagen, A
2021-01Research Note: Diagnostic test accuracy studies.Verhagen, A; Hancock, M
2017-04-01The responsiveness and interpretability of the shoulder pain and disability indexThoomes-De Graaf, M; Scholten-Peeters, W; Duijn, E; Karel, Y; De Vet, HCW; Koes, B; Verhagen, A
2018-07-01Spurling test helps to diagnose cervical radiculopathyThoomes, E; Vos, C; Verhagen, A
2017-08-01Supporting diagnostic process of the Dutch College of General Practitioners' standardsVerhagen, A; Bohnen, A
2021-10-12The Concept of Pain Inventory for Adults (COPI-Adult): Assessing Knowledge and Beliefs Regarding Pain Science Education.Pate, JW; Simons, LE; Rush, G; Hancock, MJ; Hush, JM; Verhagen, A; Pacey, V
2021-01-01The role of manual therapy in non-specific low back complaintsPool, J; Schmitt, M; Verhagen, A
2020-02-15What Do the OMERACT Shoulder Core Set Candidate Instruments Measure? An Analysis Using the Refined International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health Linking Rules.Røe, Y; Buchbinder, R; Grotle, M; Whittle, S; Ramiro, S; Huang, H; Gagnier, J; Verhagen, A; Østensjø, S