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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01The curriculum challenge in business schools, post GFC: What, and who really matters?Waite, K; Education, TQAAFH
2020-02-01Developing sustainability learning in business school curricula–productive boundary objects and participatory processesEdwards, M; Brown, P; Benn, S; Bajada, C; Perey, R; Cotton, D; Jarvis, W; Menzies, G; McGregor, I; Waite, K
2014Embedding Ethics in the Business Curriculum: A Multi-Disciplinary ApproachWaller, DS; Freeman, LM; Hambusch, G; Waite, K; Neil, J; Wray-Bliss, E; Hooker, J
2008-01A Framework for Developing Enquiry-Oriented Experiments for Non-Physics MajorsKirkup, L; Pizzica, J; Waite, K; Srinivasan, L; Pollard, J
2010-01Improving the standard and consistency of multi-tutor grading in large classesWilley, K; Gardner, AP; Parker, N; Waite, K
2016-09-01Narrative-based evaluation demonstrates the value of a higher education professional learning networkMcCormack, C; Ambler, T; Martin, B; Waite, K; Wilson, A
2015-01-01National science agency - university collaboration inspires an inquiry-oriented experimentKirkup, L; Waite, K; Beames, S; Mears, A; Pizzica, J; Watkins, S
2021Practices, not perceptions or percentages – Arguing for ethnographic methods in Higher Education gender researchWaite, K; Anderson, T; Bawa, M
2010-09-01Realizing a framework for enhancing the laboratory experiences of non-physics majors: From pilot to large-scale implementationKirkup, L; Pizzica, J; Waite, K; Srinivasan, L
2017-12-31Student Engagement In University Decision-Making And Governance – Towards A More Systemically Inclusive Student VoiceVarnham, S; Olliffe, B; Waite, K; Cahill, A