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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-12Effectiveness of Adherence to Standardized Hypertension Management by Primary Health Care Workers in China: a Cross-sectional Survey 3 Years after the Healthcare Reform.Li, Y; Wang, JL; Zhang, XC; Liu, D; Shi, WH; Liang, XF; Wu, J
2018-02-14Enhanced thermoelectric performance through synergy of resonance levels and valence band convergence via Q/In (Q = Mg, Ag, Bi) co-dopingZhang, LJ; Qin, P; Han, C; Wang, JL; Ge, ZH; Sun, Q; Cheng, ZX; Li, Z; Dou, SX
2022-01-01Finite-time passivity and synchronisation of complex networks with multiple output couplingsLiu, YP; Zhao, LH; Shi, YW; Ren, SY; Wang, JL
2014-01-01Identification of potent and selective inhibitors of the plasmodium falciparum M18 aspartyl aminopeptidase (PfM18AAP) of human malaria via high-throughput screeningSpicer, T; Fernandez-Vega, V; Chase, P; Scampavia, L; To, J; Dalton, JP; Da Silva, FL; Skinner-Adams, TS; Gardiner, DL; Trenholme, KR; Brown, CL; Ghosh, P; Porubsky, P; Wang, JL; Whipple, DA; Schoenen, FJ; Hodder, P
2020-04-07Lag H<inf>∞</inf> synchronization and lag synchronization for multiple derivative coupled complex networksZhao, LH; Wang, JL
2020-01-01Lag output synchronization for multiple output coupled complex networks with positive semidefinite or positive definite output matrixZhao, LH; Wang, JL; Zhang, Y
2021-01-01PD and PI Control for Passivity and Synchronization of Coupled Neural Networks with Multi-WeightsWang, JL; Zhao, LH
2021-01-01PD Control for Finite-Time Passivity and Synchronization of Complex Networks with Multiple WeightsWang, L; Zhao, LH; Wang, JL; Bian, Y; Hu, M
2021-10-07Topology identification of coupled neural networks with multiple weightsWu, HY; Wang, L; Zhao, LH; Wang, JL