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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-06-12Bayer poisons: Degradation of angiosperm and gymnosperm water-soluble extracts in sodium hydroxide at 145 degrees CEllis, AV; Wilson, MA; Kannangara, K
2002-12-11Bayer poisons: Degradation of mason lignin in sodium hydroxide at 145 degrees CEllis, AV; Wilson, MA; Forster, P
2002-11-29Carbon exchange in hot alkaline degradation of glucoseEllis, AV; Wilson, MA
2002Carbon exchange in hot alkaline degradation of glucoseEllis, A; Wilson, MA
2005-01-01Characterisation of insoluble charcoal in Weipa bauxiteMarshall, CP; Kannangara, GSK; Alvarez, R; Wilson, MA
2003-07-09Chemistry of sodium lactate formation under simulated alumina refinery conditionsEllis, AV; Kannangara, GSK; Wilson, MA
2005-01Development of a multidimensional high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) separation for Bayer humic substancesWhelan, T; Shalliker, RA; McIntyre, C; Wilson, MA
2004-01-01Effects of humic material on the precipitation of calcium phosphateAlvarez, R; Evans, LA; Milham, PJ; Wilson, MA
2001-01-01Host - Guest interactions in humic materialsSmeulders, DE; Wilson, MA; Kamali Kannangara, GS
2001-01Insoluble Organic Compounds in the Bayer ProcessSmeulders, D; Wilson, MA; Armstrong, L
2001-01Kinetics of Water Adsorption/Desorption on Bituminous CoalsMcCutcheon, A; Barton, WA; Wilson, MA
2001-01A Methodology Based on NMR Spectroscopy for the Forensic Analysis of CondomsLee, GS; Brinch, KM; Kannangara, GK; Dawson, M; Wilson, MA
2002-01New developments in the formation of nanotubes from coalWilson, MA; Patney, HK; Kalman, JR
2004-01-01New nanocarbons: Rod milling and annealing of graphite in the presence of yttriumConnan, HG; Reedy, BJ; Marshall, CP; Wilson, MA
2001-01-01Order in carbons produced by plasma arcing in the presence of cobaltKalman, J; Nordlund, C; Patney, HK; Evans, LA; Wilson, MA
2001-01Organic Geocheistry of Artificially Matured ConodontsMarshall, CP; Mar, GL; Nicholl, RS; Wilson, MA
2001-01Poisoning of Aluminium Hydroxide Precipitation by High-Molecular Weight Fractions of bayer OrganicsSmeulders, D; Wilson, MA; Armstrong, L
2005-01-01Pore size analysis of fallow deer (Dama dama) antler boneEvans, LA; Mccutcheon, AL; Dennis, GR; Mulley, RC; Wilson, MA
2001-01Potential of Emission Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy for In Situ Evaluation of Kerogen in Source Rocks During PyrolysisMarshall, CP; Wilson, MA; Hartung-Kagi, B; Hart, G
2004-01-01Preliminary analysis of pore distributions using NMR in natural coral and hydrothermally prepared hydroxyapatiteMcCutcheon, AL; Kannangara, GSK; Wilson, MA; Ben-Nissan, B