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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-05Cardiovascular disease risk assessment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults aged under 35 years: a consensus statement.Agostino, JW; Wong, D; Paige, E; Wade, V; Connell, C; Davey, ME; Peiris, DP; Fitzsimmons, D; Burgess, CP; Mahoney, R; Lonsdale, E; Fernando, P; Malamoo, L; Eades, S; Brown, A; Jennings, G; Lovett, RW; Banks, E
2009Effect Of Ramadan Intermittent Fasting On Aerobic And Anaerobic Performance And Perception Of Fatigue In Male Elite Judo AthletesChaouachi, A; Chamari, K; Chtara, M; Chaouachi, M; Wong, D; Amri, M; Roky, R; Coutts, A
2009Haematological, inflammatory, and immunological responses in elite judo athletes maintaining high training loads during RamadanChaouachi, A; Coutts, A; Wong, D; Roky, R; Mbazaa, A; Amri, M; Chamari, K
2022-01-01How do people with acquired brain injury interpret the Valued Living Questionnaire? A cognitive interviewing studyMiller, H; Lawson, D; Power, E; das Nair, R; Sathananthan, N; Wong, D
2003-01On Conditional Moments of GARCH Models, with Applications to Multiple Period Value at Risk EstimationWong, D; So, MK
2014-06-07On the roles of graphene oxide doping for enhanced supercurrent in MgB <inf>2</inf> based superconductorsYeoh, WK; Cui, XY; Gault, B; De Silva, KSB; Xu, X; Liu, HW; Yen, HW; Wong, D; Bao, P; Larson, DJ; Martin, I; Li, WX; Zheng, RK; Wang, XL; Dou, SX; Ringer, SP
2023Reliability of radiologists' first impression when interpreting a screening mammogram.Gandomkar, Z; Siviengphanom, S; Suleiman, M; Wong, D; Reed, W; Ekpo, EU; Xu, D; Lewis, SJ; Evans, KK; Wolfe, JM; Brennan, PC; Woloschak, GE
2020-10-01Vital roles of nurses and midwives in the Western Pacific RegionRumsey, M; Neill, A; Lock, L; Lisa, T; Wong, D; Tasnuva, T