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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01-05Antarctic ice sheet discharge driven by atmosphere-ocean feedbacks at the Last Glacial Termination.Fogwill, CJ; Turney, CSM; Golledge, NR; Etheridge, DM; Rubino, M; Thornton, DP; Baker, A; Woodward, J; Winter, K; van Ommen, TD; Moy, AD; Curran, MAJ; Davies, SM; Weber, ME; Bird, MI; Munksgaard, NC; Menviel, L; Rootes, CM; Ellis, B; Millman, H; Vohra, J; Rivera, A; Cooper, A
2016-03-16Assessing the continuity of the blue ice climate record at Patriot Hills, Horseshoe Valley, West AntarcticaWinter, K; Woodward, J; Dunning, SA; Turney, CSM; Fogwill, CJ; Hein, AS; Golledge, NR; Bingham, RG; Marrero, SM; Sugden, DE; Ross, N
2020-02-25Early Last Interglacial ocean warming drove substantial ice mass loss from Antarctica.Turney, CSM; Fogwill, CJ; Golledge, NR; McKay, NP; van Sebille, E; Jones, RT; Etheridge, D; Rubino, M; Thornton, DP; Davies, SM; Ramsey, CB; Thomas, ZA; Bird, MI; Munksgaard, NC; Kohno, M; Woodward, J; Winter, K; Weyrich, LS; Rootes, CM; Millman, H; Albert, PG; Rivera, A; van Ommen, T; Curran, M; Moy, A; Rahmstorf, S; Kawamura, K; Hillenbrand, C-D; Weber, ME; Manning, CJ; Young, J; Cooper, A
2020-02-01Standard of practice in geriatric medicine for pharmacy servicesElliott, RA; Chan, A; Godbole, G; Hendrix, I; Pont, LG; Sfetcopoulos, D; Woodward, J; Munro, C
2023-12The Built Environment’s Role in Supporting Dementia Inclusive Communities: A Case Study of Canterbury‐Bankstown CityKaramacoska, D; Shatnawi, E; Caballero, G; Woodward, J; Vu, TH; Pham, HTN; Morrison, N; Siette, J; Steiner‐Lim, GZ; DiGiacomo, M; Dadich, A; Alliance, CD