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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-12Balancing care and responsibility: The role of the general practitioner in specialist referrals.Wright, M; Brell, R
2018-10-01Can continuity of care in primary care be sustained in the modern health system?Wright, M; Mainous, AG
2023-11-21Clinical Observation, Management and Function Of low back pain Relief Therapies (COMFORT): A cluster randomised controlled trial protocol.Abdel Shaheed, C; Ivers, R; Vizza, L; McLachlan, A; Kelly, PJ; Blyth, F; Stanaway, F; Clare, PJ; Thompson, R; Lung, T; Degenhardt, L; Reid, S; Martin, B; Wright, M; Osman, R; French, S; McCaffery, K; Campbell, G; Jenkins, H; Mathieson, S; Boogs, M; McMaugh, J; Bennett, C; Maher, C
2023-08Diverse and vulnerable: experiences of private allied health practices managing through the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Implications for the financial viability of Australian primary care.Petrozzi, MJ; Wright, M; Hoffman, R; Goodger, B; Wise, S
2020Failure to access prescribed pharmaceuticals by older patients with chronic conditionsMcRae, I; Van Gool, K; Hall, J; Yen, L; Wright, M
2022-10General practice experiences of Australia's COVID-19 vaccine rollout: lessons for primary care reform.Wright, M; Hoffman, R; Petrozzi, MJ; Wise, S
2023-12Guest Editorial: Prevention is better than cure for medicolegal matters.Wright, M
2018-05-01How common is multiple general practice attendance in Australia?Wright, M; Hall, J; van Gool, K; Haas, M
2021-09-01How much of Australia's health expenditure is allocated to general practice and primary healthcare?Wright, M; Versteeg, R; van Gool, K
2022-02-21Introducing general practice enrolment in Australia: the devil is in the detail.Wright, M; Versteeg, R
2021-04-19Introducing general practice enrolment in Australia: the devil is in the detail.Wright, M; Versteeg, R
2021-02-15Lessons for the global primary care response to COVID-19: a rapid review of evidence from past epidemicsDesborough, J; Dykgraaf, SH; Phillips, C; Wright, M; Maddox, R; Davis, S; Kidd, M
2023-01-01LETTERSMeldrum, H; Wright, M; Versteeg, R
2023-12Managing patient complaints to improve your practice.Wright, M; Haysom, G
2023-12Medicolegal.Wright, M
2023-05-31"Ngany Kamam, I Speak Truly": First-Person Accounts of Aboriginal Youth Voices in Mental Health Service Reform.Culbong, H; Ramirez-Watkins, A; Anderson, S; Culbong, T; Crisp, N; Pearson, G; Lin, A; Wright, M
2015-02-09Patients' experiences of the choice of GP practice pilot, 2012/2013: a mixed methods evaluation.Tan, S; Erens, B; Wright, M; Mays, N
2022-11-20Primary care is the ideal setting to promote COVID-19 vaccination for children.Barnes, K; Hall Dykgraaf, S; de Toca, L; Wright, M; Kidd, M
2022-10Strengths and risks of the Primary Health Network commissioning model.Bates, S; Wright, M; Harris-Roxas, B
2010-11-04Student-produced vodcasts as active metacognitive learningLitchfield, A; Dyson, LE; Wright, M; Pradhan, S; Courtille, B