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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09-01Confining Ultrathin 2D Superlattices in Mesoporous Hollow Spheres Renders Ultrafast and High-Capacity Na-Ion StorageXia, Q; Liang, Y; Lin, Z; Wang, S; Lai, W; Yuan, D; Dou, Y; Gu, Q; Wang, JZ; Liu, HK; Dou, SX; Fang, S; Chou, SL
2021-04-07Copper phosphide as a promising anode material for potassium-ion batteriesYang, Q; Tai, Z; Xia, Q; Lai, W; Wang, W; Zhang, B; Yan, Z; Peng, J; Yang, H; Liu, H; Gu, Q; Chou, S; Liu, H
2019-12-01Efficient Data Placement and Replication for QoS-Aware Approximate Query Evaluation of Big Data AnalyticsXia, Q; Xu, Z; Liang, W; Yu, S; Guo, S; Zomaya, AY
2014-04-01Hydrothermal synthesis of FeP<inf>4</inf> and Fe<inf>2</inf>P-loaded α-Fe<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf> hollow spheres and applications in gas sensorsLiu, Q; Yang, Y; Sun, B; Su, D; Li, Z; Xia, Q; Wang, G
2019-05-02Identifying Factors Affecting the Sustainability of Water Environment Treatment Public-Private Partnership ProjectsLi, H; Xia, Q; Wen, S; Wang, L; Lv, L
2021-07-26Near Optimal and Dynamic Mechanisms Towards a Stable NFV Market in Multi-Tier Cloud NetworksXu, Z; Ren, H; Liang, W; Xia, Q; Zhou, W; Wu, G; Zhou, P
2022-12-01Near Optimal Learning-Driven Mechanisms for Stable NFV Markets in Multitier Cloud NetworksXu, Z; Ren, H; Liang, W; Xia, Q; Zhou, W; Zhou, P; Xu, W; Wu, G; Li, M
2023-08-03Preferences for Palliative and End-of-Life Care: A Systematic Review of Discrete Choice Experiments.Xia, Q; Kularatna, M; Virdun, C; Button, E; Close, E; Carter, HE
2021-06-29Recent Progress on Two-Dimensional Carbon Materials for Emerging Post-Lithium (Na+, K+, Zn2+) Hybrid SupercapacitorsHan, C; Wang, X; Peng, J; Xia, Q; Chou, S; Cheng, G; Huang, Z; Li, W
2018-04-10Remarkable Enhancement in Sodium-Ion Kinetics of NaFe2(CN)(6) by Chemical Bonding with GrapheneLi, W; Han, C; Xia, Q; Zhang, K; Chou, S; Kang, Y-M; Wang, J; Liu, HK; Dou, SX
2019-12-11Stress Distortion Restraint to Boost the Sodium Ion Storage Performance of a Novel Binary HexacyanoferrateLi, W; Han, C; Wang, W; Xia, Q; Chou, S; Gu, Q; Johannessen, B; Liu, H; Dou, S
2022-02-28Surface engineering of anode materials for improving sodium-ion storage performanceXia, Q; Liu, H; Zhao, XS
2022-08-10Synthesis of carbon-modified cobalt disphosphide as anode for sodium-ion storageHu, Z; Tebyetekerwa, M; Elkholy, AE; Xia, Q; Hussain, T; Liu, H; Zhao, XS