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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02-04A Bandwidth and Latency Based Replica Selection Mechanism for Data-Intensive Workflow Applications in the Multi-Cloud EnvironmentXie, F; Yan, J; Shen, J
2015-08-01A Checklist for Reporting Valuation Studies of Multi-Attribute Utility-Based Instruments (CREATE)Xie, F; Pickard, AS; Krabbe, PFM; Revicki, D; Viney, R; Devlin, N; Feeny, D
2017-03-17Compatibility of Metal‐Induced Fluorescence Enhancement with Applications in Analytical Chemistry and BiosensingXie, F; Deng, W; Goldys, EM
2019-07-01Cultural Values: Can They Explain Differences in Health Utilities between Countries?Roudijk, B; Donders, ART; Stalmeier, PFM; Luo, N; Viney, R; Andrade, MV; Gudex, C; de Pouvourville, G; Greiner, W; Scalone, L; Tsuchiya, A; Golicki, D; Ferreira, P; Prevolnik-Rupel, V; Badia, X; Hsieh, CL; Jelsma, J; Santos, M; Xie, F; Purba, F; Ikeda, S; Shiroiwa, T; Stolk, E; Jo, MW; Ramos-Goñi, JM; Augustovski, F; Rey-Ares, L; Devlin, N; Shah, K; Pattanaphesaj, J; Tongsiri, S
2019-01-01A data dependency and access threshold based replication strategy for multi-cloud workflow applicationsXie, F; Yan, J; Shen, J
2017-01-01Efficient sequential pattern mining with wildcards for keyphrase extractionXie, F; Wu, X; Zhu, X
2022-11-01Increase hedonic products purchase intention through livestreaming: The mediating effects of mental imagery quality and customer trustWang, B; Xie, F; Kandampully, J; Wang, J
2019-11-01Microplastics contamination in different trophic state lakes along the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River BasinLi, L; Geng, S; Wu, C; Song, K; Sun, F; Visvanathan, C; Xie, F; Wang, Q
2022-02-01Multi-objective optimization framework of a vehicle door design in the slamming event for optimal dynamic performancesLiu, Z; Gao, Y; Yang, J; Xu, X; Fang, J; Xie, F
2017-06-27Na<inf>2</inf>Ti<inf>3</inf>O<inf>7</inf>@N-Doped Carbon Hollow Spheres for Sodium-Ion Batteries with Excellent Rate PerformanceXie, F; Zhang, L; Su, D; Jaroniec, M; Qiao, SZ
2015-10-01No Reference Quality Assessment for Multiply-Distorted Images Based on an Improved Bag-of-Words ModelLu, Y; Xie, F; Liu, T; Jiang, Z; Tao, D