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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-08-05A survey for trust-aware recommender systems: A deep learning perspectiveDong, M; Yuan, F; Yao, L; Wang, X; Xu, X; Zhu, L
-A survey on deep learning-based non-invasive brain signals: recent advances and new frontiersZhang, X; Yao, L; Wang, X; Monaghan, JJM; Mcalpine, D; Zhang, Y
2021-05-19A Survey on Recommender Systems for Internet of Things: Techniques, Applications and Future DirectionsAltulyan, M; Yao, L; Wang, X; Huang, C; Kanhere, SS; Sheng, QZ
2020-12-30Adaptive Graph Convolutional Recurrent Network for Traffic ForecastingBai, L; Yao, L; Li, C; Wang, X; Wang, C
2020-07-25Adversarial Attacks and Detection on Reinforcement Learning-Based Interactive Recommender SystemsCao, Y; Chen, X; Yao, L; Wang, X; Zhang, WE
2020-06-15Adversarial Multi-view Networks for Activity RecognitionBai, L; Yao, L; Wang, X; Kanhere, SS; Guo, B; Yu, Z
2022-09-29Adversarial Robustness of Deep Reinforcement Learning based Dynamic RecommenderWang, S; Cao, Y; Chen, X; Yao, L; Wang, X; Sheng, M
2018-01-01Adversarially regularized graph autoencoder for graph embeddingPan, S; Hu, R; Long, G; Jiang, J; Yao, L; Zhang, C
2021Agglomerative Neural Networks for Multiview ClusteringLiu, Z; Li, Y; Yao, L; Wang, X; Nie, F
2020-02An enhanced probabilistic fairness-aware group recommendation by incorporating social activenessXiao, Y; Pei, Q; Yao, L; Yu, S; Bai, L; Wang, X
2022-01-01An Entropy-guided Reinforced Partial Convolutional Network for Zero-Shot LearningLi, Y; Liu, Z; Yao, L; Wang, X; McAuley, J; Chang, X
2022-01-01An Explanation Module for Deep Neural Networks Facing Multivariate Time Series ClassificationYang, C; Wang, X; Yao, L; Jiang, J; Xu, G
2021-01-01An improved q-rrt*algorithm based on virtual lightZhuge, C; Wang, Q; Liu, J; Yao, L
2016-08-01Assessment of instruments in facilitating investment in off-grid renewable energy projectsShi, X; Liu, X; Yao, L
2022-12-30Attentional Gated Res2Net for Multivariate Time Series ClassificationYang, C; Wang, X; Yao, L; Long, G; Jiang, J; Xu, G
2022-10-13Attentional Gated Res2Net for Multivariate Time Series ClassificationYang, C; Wang, X; Yao, L; Long, G; Jiang, J; Xu, G
2022-01-01Attribute-Modulated Generative Meta Learning for Zero-shot LearningLi, Y; Liu, Z; Yao, L; Chang, X
2019-02-08Automatic Device Classification from Network Traffic Streams of Internet of ThingsBai, L; Yao, L; Kanhere, SS; Wang, X; Yang, Z
2017-02-08Building Entity Graphs for the Web of Things ManagementYao, L; Sheng, QZ; Ngu, AHH; Li, X; Benatallah, B; Wang, X