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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Feb-2013Broadband downshifting luminescence in Cr<sup>3+</sup>-Yb<sup>3+</sup>codoped garnet for efficient photovoltaic generationYe, S; Zhou, J; Wang, S; Hu, R; Wang, D; Qiu, J
1-Apr-2015A Compact Dual-Band Orthogonal Circularly Polarized Antenna Array with Disparate ElementsYe, S; Geng, J; Liang, X; Jay Guo, Y; Jin, R
1-Jan-2013Design of arbitrarily shaped planar microstrip antenna arrays with improved efficiencyYe, S; Liang, X; Wang, W; Geng, J; Jin, R; Guo, YJ; Bird, TS
1-Jan-2012A discussion on spectral modification from visible to near-infrared based on energy transfer for silicon solar cellsZhou, J; Teng, Y; Ye, S; Lin, G; Qiu, J
26-Nov-2012High gain planar antenna arrays applied in mobile satellite communication (invited)Jin, R; Geng, J; Liang, X; Ye, S; Wang, W; Bird, TS; Guo, YJ
1-Dec-2012High-Gain planar antenna arrays for mobile satellite communicationsYe, S; Liang, X; Wang, W; Jin, R; Geng, J; Bird, TS; Guo, YJ
29-Feb-2012Optical property and energy transfer in the ZnO-LiYbO <inf>2</inf> hybrid phosphors under the indirect near-UV excitationYe, S; Jiang, N; Zhou, J; Wang, D; Qiu, J
1-Apr-2011Research progress on broadband down-conversion spectral modification based on energy transfering of rare earth ionsZhou, J; Teng, Y; Ye, S; Qiu, J
1-Jan-2016Single-band red upconversion luminescence of Yb <sup>3+</sup> -Er <sup>3+</sup> via nonequivalent substitution in perovskite KMgF <inf>3</inf> nanocrystalsWu, M; Song, EH; Chen, ZT; Ding, S; Ye, S; Zhou, JJ; Xu, SQ; Zhang, QY