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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-04-203D cost aggregation with multiple minimum spanning trees for stereo matching.Li, L; Yu, X; Zhang, S; Zhao, X; Zhang, L
2023-05-01A Divide-and-conquer Solution to 3D Human Motion Estimation from Raw MoCap DataTang, J; Li, L; Hou, J; Xin, H; Yu, X
2021-12-16A General Approach to State RefinementKennedy, G; Gao, J; Zhuang, Z; Yu, X; Mahony, R
2021-01-01A stochastic decentralized model for the privately interactive operation of a multi-carrier energy systemSalehpour, MJ; Alishavandi, AM; Hossain, MJ; Hosseini Rostami, SM; Wang, J; Yu, X
2017-06-01A Survey of Verifiable ComputationYu, X; Yan, Z; Vasilakos, AV
2022-07-11Accurate 3-DoF Camera Geo-Localization via Ground-to-Satellite Image Matching.Shi, Y; Yu, X; Liu, L; Campbell, D; Koniusz, P; Li, H
2022-01-01An Empirical Study of Fuzzy Decision Tree for Gradient Boosting EnsembleLiu, Z; Liu, A; Zhang, G; Lu, J; Long, G; Yu, X; Wang, S
2016-10-01Aperiodic sampled-data sliding-mode control of fuzzy systems with communication delays via the event-triggered methodWen, S; Huang, T; Yu, X; Chen, MZQ; Zeng, Z
2021-11-13ARVo: Learning All-Range Volumetric Correspondence for Video DeblurringLi, D; Xu, C; Zhang, K; Yu, X; Zhong, Y; Ren, W; Suominen, H; Li, H
2021-01-01Audio2Head: Audio-driven One-shot Talking-head Generation with Natural Head MotionWang, S; Li, L; Ding, Y; Fan, C; Yu, X
2021-06-14Auto-Navigator: Decoupled Neural Architecture Search for Visual NavigationTang, T; Yu, X; Dong, X; Yang, Y
2023-12-11Autonomous Stabilization of Retinal Videos for Streamlining Assessment of Spontaneous Venous PulsationsSheng, H; Yu, X; Wang, F; Khan, MDW; Weng, H; Shariflou, S; Golzan, SM
2022-01-01Beyond Topics: Discovering Latent Healthcare Objectives from Event SequencesCaruana, A; Bandara, M; Catchpoole, D; Kennedy, PJ; Long, G; Yu, X; Wang, S
2023-01-01Boosting Model Inversion Attacks with Adversarial ExamplesZhou, S; Zhu, T; Ye, D; Yu, X; Zhou, W
2020-09Can We See More? Joint Frontalization and Hallucination of Unaligned Tiny Faces.Yu, X; Shiri, F; Ghanem, B; Porikli, F
2024-01-01CMGNet: Collaborative multi-modal graph network for video captioningRao, Q; Yu, X; Li, G; Zhu, L
2018-01-01Co-teaching: Robust Training of Deep Neural Networks with Extremely Noisy LabelsHan, B; Yao, Q; Yu, X; Niu, G; Xu, M; Hu, W; Tsang, IW; Sugiyama, M; Bengio, S; Wallach, H; Larochelle, H; Grauman, K; CesaBianchi, N; Garnett, R
2018-01-01Co-teaching: Robust training of deep neural networks with extremely noisy labelsHan, B; Yao, Q; Yu, X; Niu, G; Xu, M; Hu, W; Tsang, IW; Sugiyama, M
2014-01-01A comparison of forest fire indices for predicting fire risk in contrasting climates in ChinaLi, X; Zhao, G; Yu, X; Yu, Q
2015-08-25A Comparison of Texture Development in an Experimental and Industrial Tertiary Oxide Scale in a Hot Strip MillYu, X; Jiang, Z; Zhao, J; Wei, D; Zhou, J; Zhou, C; Huang, Q