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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-01A Deep Dual Adversarial Network for Cross-domain RecommendationZhang, Q; Liao, W; Zhang, G; Yuan, B; Lu, J
2022-10-01A new shift mechanism for micro-explosion of water-diesel emulsion droplets at different ambient temperaturesWang, Z; Yuan, B; Cao, J; Huang, Y; Cheng, X; Wang, Y; Zhang, X; Liu, H
2022-07-01An Efficient Surrogate Assisted Particle Swarm Optimization for Antenna SynthesisFu, K; Cai, X; Yuan, B; Yang, Y; Yao, X
2020-01-01Clarinet: A one-step approach towards budget-friendly unsupervised domain adaptationZhang, Y; Liu, F; Fang, Z; Yuan, B; Zhang, G; Lu, J
2022-07-01Combined angular margin and cosine margin softmax loss for music classification based on spectrogramsLi, J; Han, L; Wang, Y; Yuan, B; Yuan, X; Yang, Y; Yan, H
2019-03-01Defending against flow table overloading attack in software-defined networksYuan, B; Zou, D; Yu, S; Jin, H; Qiang, W; Shen, J
2022-03-10Heterogeneous Multidomain Recommender System Through Adversarial Learning.Liao, W; Zhang, Q; Yuan, B; Zhang, G; Lu, J
2020-04-01HostWatcher: Protecting hosts in cloud data centers through software-defined networkingYuan, B; Zou, D; Jin, H; Yu, S; Yang, LT
2021-01-01How does the Combined Risk Affect the Performance of Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Approaches?Zhong, L; Fang, Z; Liu, F; Lu, J; Yuan, B; Zhang, G
2021-01-01Learning From a Complementary-Label Source Domain: Theory and AlgorithmsZhang, Y; Liu, F; Fang, Z; Yuan, B; Zhang, G; Lu, J
2011-07-01Manifold regularized discriminative nonnegative matrix factorization with fast gradient descentGuan, N; Tao, D; Luo, Z; Yuan, B
2020-10-01Minimizing Financial Cost of DDoS Attack Defense in Clouds with Fine-Grained Resource ManagementYuan, B; Zhao, H; Lin, C; Zou, D; Yang, LT; Jin, H; He, L; Yu, S
2023-05-01Mixture formation characteristics and feasibility of methanol as an alternative fuel for gasoline in port fuel injection engines: Droplet evaporation and spray visualizationYuan, B; Wang, Z; Cao, J; Huang, Y; Shen, Y; Song, Z; Zhao, H; Cheng, X
2012-06-01NeNMF: An optimal gradient method for nonnegative matrix factorizationGuan, N; Tao, D; Luo, Z; Yuan, B
2011-08-01Non-negative patch alignment frameworkGuan, N; Tao, D; Luo, Z; Yuan, B
2012-12-01Online nonnegative matrix factorization with robust stochastic approximationGuan, N; Tao, D; Luo, Z; Yuan, B
2018-06-01A Practical Byzantine-Based Approach for Faulty Switch Tolerance in Software-Defined NetworksYuan, B; Jin, H; Zou, D; Yang, LT; Yu, S
2022-06-15Progress in experimental investigations on evaporation characteristics of a fuel dropletWang, Z; Yuan, B; Huang, Y; Cao, J; Wang, Y; Cheng, X